Wang Hongliang

Wang Hongliang, master, professor, party branch secretary of Sculpture Department, master supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Member of Chinese National Artists’ Association; Member of Chinese Sculptor Institute


Research Interest:

Figural Sculptor Research


Academic Propositions:

Figural sculpture research has eternal charm. Classic figural realistic sculpture is represented by body sculpture in ancient Greece and the Renaissance. In different eras, besides estheticism and the ability of artists, figural sculpture has many other social functions, and has close connections with people's life. The forms of expression of figural sculpture tend to be diversified with the times and development. In China, the significance of figural sculpture has already turned from estheticism to culture, and from the discussion about forms to expression of views. With the traditional understanding about arts, the creation needn't stand on the themes, and meanwhile keep the realistic tradition, to expand the discussion about the modern sculpture space, material, visual and view problems. We should try to change the existent impression about conservation of sculpture. It is very important to research the sculpture teaching for the current academic sculpture teaching system.


Academic Achievements:

He has been doing figural sculpture research for a long time. His early works were prone to express the relationship between human spirit and nature. Carving Blessings participated in 6th National Arts Works Exhibition; Ode To Peace gained Merit Award in National City Sculpture Works Exhibition; Practicable Test gained Creation Award in 96-day Tianjin TEDA International Sculpture Arts Guest Exhibition. In 1999, he participated in Egypt Aswan International City Sculpture Seminar. One of his works was collected by Egypt Modern Sculpture Museum. A Woman participated in 9th National Arts Works Exhibition.

In recent years, he has paid attention to the research of historical sculpture. While accomplishing the teaching task, he is also on some sculpture creation tasks committed by a lot of museums over the country: 1. creation of anaglyph Founding Ceremony; 2. creation of Five Heroes On Langya Mountain for Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War; 3. creation of Director and Decider of Red Army Join Forces Successfully for Memorial Hall of Red Army Join Forces Successfully; 4. creation of A Great Birth, A Glorious Death for Memorial Hall of Liu Hulan; 5. creation of Rise in Difficulty, They are From Nanchang Uprising for Memorial Hall of August 1st Nanchang Uprising; 6. creation of Premier Zhou in Shashiyu for Memorial Hall of Shashiyu. These works are the exhibits in lots of museums for patriotic education.

In 2007, Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance held an art project based on one hundred important historical events. His work The leaders of the Red Amy’s Long March participated in this project after more than two years of hard work. Now this work is displayed in National Art Gallery.

He has published some academic treatises, such as Egypt Anaglyph Arts, Stones Endowed with Lavish Cultural Connotation, Some Views about City Sculpture, Wang Hongliang’s Sculpture Works, etc.


Academic Teaching:

Body Sketch, Body Clay, Clothing Textures Clay, Clothed People Anaglyph, Figural Sculptor Research, and Figural Sculptor Creation.