Xu Zhenglong


Xu Zhenglong

Doctor, Professor, and Master Supervisor


Academic Part-time Position:

Executive Editor in Chief of Institute Sculpture, Editorial Board Member of Chinese Fine Arts


Research Orientation:

Research on China contemporary sculpture modeling and research on science of sculpture


Academic Opinion:

Sculpture is one of the ancient arts both in the Eastand the West with different evolutionary processes.

Due to historical factors, contemporary Chinese sculptors inherit the broad and profound traditional cultural heritage on one hand, ,and on the other hand embrace the progressive sculpture system of the West in no order in the latest century, especially since the reform and opening up. This is an extreme difficulty for the development of contemporary Chinese sculpture.

In the cultural fusion and clashes between China and the West, we should absorb the essence of Chinese culture, study the ontology language of sculpture, express originality, seek for unique ways of modeling, create sculpture works that are Chinese, Contemporary, Individualized and Smart, enrich the types of Chinese sculpture culture and build a new humanistic space for the contemporary era.


Academic Achievement:

His sculpture works have been selected into many important exhibitions such as the 4th Beijing International Art Biennale and the 11th National Art Exhibition, won the Award for Excellent Works in the 3rd National Urban Sculpture Exhibition, China—Zhengzhou International Sculpture Model Exhibition, Contemporary International Metal Art Exhibition and Hebei International Stone Sculpture Invitation Exhibition, and were collected into Italy CASORIA Museum, Beijing National Olympic Green, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Changchun World Sculpture Park, Shijiazhuang Century Park and Nanchang Exhibition Hall for Sino-foreign Celebrated Masters forever.

He published monograph Science of Sculpture, Construction of Sculpture, Decorative Sculpture Art, Mural Design Teaching and Landmark Sculpture Art, among which, Construction of Sculpture won the Model Textbook Award from Beijing Higher Education, and the paper Approach Public Space through Mode of Construction—On Changes of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Modeling won the Award of Excellent Paper in the Forum of Humanistic Olympics and Public Art. Besides, he was in charge of compiling the series of Institute Sculpture.


Teaching Practices:

Introduction to Sculpture; Construction of Sculpture and Research on Sculpture Space