Xu Jianguo

Xu Jianguo

Doctor, Associate Professor and Master Supervisor


Academic Part-time Position:

Member of Chinese Artists Association, Member of Sculpture Art Committee, Member of China Sculpture Institute and Member of the Special Committee of Chinese Sculpture


Research Orientation:

The comparative research over Chinese and Western sculpture arts and the research on public environmental sculpture


Academic Opinion:

1. Chinese and Western sculptures are two important systems in the world’s sculpture today, and they have their individual characteristics in the thought & concept, aesthetic consciousness and expression techniques, etc. The comparative analysis, of vital importance to the development of Chinese sculpture and the booming of the world’s sculpture, also has a significant academic value.

2. Sculpture with public characters is a newly emerging type in the field of sculpture, on which a comprehensive and deep research is made to play an active role in the diversified development of today’s Chinese sculpture and the urban cultural construction. It has important practical significance.


Academic Achievement:

1. Published theoretical monograph Spirit and Emotion—the Cultural Connotations of Chinese and Western Sculptures.

2. Published many papers in periodicals such as Sculpture and Institute Sculpture.

3. Planned and organized many large-scale international sculpture exhibitions and seminars.

4. Delivered theme speeches at many large-scale international sculpture forums or seminars.

5. Gave special lectures for institutions such as Ministry of Construction, Peking University and Korea Mokwon University, etc.

6. His works have been displayed in both domestic and international sculpture exhibitions for many times and won prizes for many times.

7. Designed large public sculptures for many cities.


Teaching Practices:

1. Traditional Chinese Sculpture;

2. Chinese Painted Sculpture Art;

3. Sculpture History of the West