Zhao Meng

Zhao Meng, bachelor, Director of Academy Committee, Master Supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Consultant of Beijing government; Consultancy expert of Capital Planning and Construction Committee; Vice president of China Arts and Crafts; Vice president of Sculpture Department of China Arts and Crafts Sculpture Institution; Deputy secretary of Capital Civilization Foundation; Executive member of Chinese Sculpture Institution; Subeditor of magazine Sculpture


Research Interest:

Public Art, Comparative Research of World Sculpture


Academic Propositions:

Public Art is an interdisciplinary, comprehensive, applicable system program. In this research, a system integrating planning, design, operation, organization, building and implementation is widely applied at home and abroad. He proposes that we should realize the dual development of theory and practice while being dedicated to academic development and application and in line with the social demand for rapid urbanization in China.

The global cultural diversification is an important topic of the development of human society. The comparative research over Chinese sculpture and  sculpture in Oceania, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe aims to explore and show the unique sculpture styles of different regions, countries and nations, as well as the reasons behind their formation and development.


Academic Achievements:

As the art director of China Millennium Monument and of Beijing Olympic Committee, he held and wrote the general planning, program design and execution plan of national key cultural project China Millennium Monument, and 2008 Beijing Olympic image and sight.

He held many subjects of Beijing Philosophy and Science 85 Key Projects, such as A Research Report on the Capital City Sculpture, The General Planning of Beijing City Sculpture, The General Planning of Fengxian District, Shanghai City, The General Planning of Tianshui City, The General Planning of Zhengzhou City, and The General Planning of Qin Huangdao City.

He held and designed Forever Blooming Bauhinia, Noah's Ark, Imbalance Ark, Life Ark, Time and Space Ark, Civilization Ark etc., which were displayed in International Art Exhibition and got awards.


Academic Teaching:

History of Chinese Sculpture, Decorated Sculpture, Environment Sculpture, The Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Sculpture.