Zeng Chenggang

Zeng Chenggang, master

Dean of Sculpture Department, Academy of Arts,

Master supervisor,

Ph.D supervisor of Ph.D group, Sculpture Department, China Academy of Arts


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Vice President of Chinese National Artists’ Association,

President of Chinese Sculpture Institute


Research Interest:

Chinese Traditional Sculpture Language Modernization Research


Academic Propositions:

Based on Chinese traditional sculpture, we should absorb its nutrients and establish the language of contemporary Chinese sculpture from creative practice. This is what I always explore and pursue. Chinese traditional sculpture is featured by energetic, imposing and antique characteristics, and even a kind of powerful force. It is this force that reflects the vitality and spirit of a nation, and gives expression to the will that human beings try to master nature. It is a positive and enterprising spirit.

Forms of Chinese art and artistic ideas grow out of Chinese cultural consciousness. Only with deep comprehension of Chinese culture can one really understand the unique form of Chinese art. As facts turned out, in some forward and radical art forms, there are the most original and most national characteristic ingredients; and vice versa.

With the ever globalized world culture and economy, the discovery and recognition of Chinese traditional culture has actively transformed Chinese sculpture into a Chinese characteristic and contemporary sculpture system, which is an important subject of Chinese sculpture circle. Chinese traditional sculpture modernization is a research direction which has lasted for several generations. This research will strengthen the development of this important subject.


Academic Achievements:

Works: Three Talents of Appreciating Lakes, Water Margin Serials, Animals Serials, Human and Nature Serials, Lotus Stories Serials, etc.

He launched professional magazine Chinese Sculpture and School Sculpture

He has organized many important sculpture exhibitions



Feeling Gaudi, printed in Sculpture, the Twelfth 2008;

The Natural Elements in Sculpture Environment, embodied in Public Art memoirs;

By Cheng Yunxian’s Sculpture Art, published in Fine Arts, the Tenth 2008;


In 1989, Three Talents of Appreciating Lakes gained the golden prize of 7th National Art Exhibition (Beijing, China)

In 1898, Three Talents of Appreciating Lakes gained Liu Kaiqu sculpture art fund prize, and was collected by National Art Gallery

In 1990, Dragon Boat gained first prize in 2nd National Sports Arts Works Exhibition (Beijing, China), Dancing gained merit award in 2nd City Sculpture Works Competition (Beijing, China)

In 1994, Liang Shan Brave Men – Controller Lu Zhishen gained golden prize in 1st West Lake Art Festival (Hangzhou, China)

In 2001, participated in West Lake International Sculpture Guest Exhibition as one of the organizers (Hangzhou, China), with work Empty Valley displayed.

In 2003, The Call of the Far Away Hills was displayed in 1st Beijing International Arts Works Biennale (Beijing, China)

In 2004, Torch Relay gained silver prize International Olympic Sports and Arts Works Exhibition by International Committee

In 2004, Autumn Harvest Uprising gained merit award in 3rd National City Sculpture Achievement Exhibition

In 2005, Ancient Echoes was displayed in 2nd Beijing International Arts Works Biennale (Beijing, China)

In 2007, Moonbeam gained merit award in National Sculpture Year Exhibition by Steering Committee of the National Sculpture Construction

In 2007, Lotus Three was displayed in China Mt. Changbai International Sculpture Creative Area (Mt. Changbai, China)

In 2008, Lotus Five was displayed in 1st Beijing International Arts Works Biennale (Beijing, China), and gained Young Artists Works Prize by China Federation of Literature and Art, Beijing Government and China Artists Association

In 2008, Lotus Four was displayed in China Style -- 1st National Sculpture Exhibition



In 1992, nominated for candidate of Art Promoting Award by UNESCO

In 1998, honored with The One Who Contributed to Shanghai Longhua Construction by Shanghai Government

In 1998, honored with The Outstanding Artist by China Federation of Literature and Art

In 2000, honored with Ten Outstanding Youth in Zhejiang Province

In 2004, sculpture judge of 10th National Art Exhibition

In 2004, judge of sculpture area in 10th National Art Exhibition

In 2004, judge of 3rd National City Sculpture Achievement Exhibition

In 2004, gained Academy Newcomer’s Award by Tsinghua University

In 2004, honored with National Four Group Talents

In 2007, gained Special Government Allowance by State Council of P.R.C.

In 2008, was elected as member of CPPCC National Committee


Academic Teaching:

Environment Sculpture, Nationality Sculpture, Traditional Sculpture, Body Relief Sculpture, Clay Sculpture in the Round Bust, Traditional Sculpture Copying, Sculpture, Morphological Study of Sculpture, Chinese Traditional Sculpture Modern Language Transformation.