Bao Lin

Bao Lin, professor, PhD supervisor.
Research Interest:
Contemporary Painting Theory and Creation
Academic Propositions:

His academic research mainly focuses on the artistic ideas and creation in contemporary China, Europe and America. He is also engaged in the research on the development of western modernism and its influence on China. In recent years, he has concentrated himself on the development of art in China since the reform and opening-up, and on the status quo of creation and living of young Chinese artists. He wants to find, from all the above, a new artistic development which inherits Chinese local culture and at the same time, embodies innovative spirit and global vision.

He proposes an in-depth exploration and research on the philosophy, science & technology, politics and economics reflected by the contemporary art development, while focusing on the evolution rule of art itself, understanding the language features of contemporary art, and enabling the institutional art education to keep abreast of social development.

Academic Achievements:
He has published over 60 pieces of academic papers and 4 works, planned and organized over 10 academic exhibitions and forums.
Academic Teaching:

Coloring, sketching, figure painting and creative experiment, language research of professional modeling, graduation design and topic selection for thesis, semiology and phenomenology, history of Western contemporary art, art criticism and art creation