Cui Yanwei

Cui Yanwei Associate Professor

Master of Art, Director of Mural Painting and Public Art Section, Department of Painting


Research Directions:

comprehensive painting language studies


Academic Proposals:

Under the contemporary diverse cultural context, we should observe the basic principles of art to learn from excellent works, be it Chinese or western, modern or traditional, with an open and tolerant mind; explore a comprehensive and expressive expression of the painting language, integrating the abstract and the concrete, realism and expressionism, and the subjective and the objective; examine nature, society and man’s living environment so as to express spiritual guidance through visual language and find out more possible ways of expressing painting language.


Academic Achievements:

Awards: mural painting Evergreen Tree of Life won silver prize at the 9th National Art Works Exhibition, and the grand prize at the 1st Chinese Mural Painting Exhibition.

Monograph: Principles of Decorative Painting, Lijiang Publishing House

Paper: Reflections on the Painting Language

Works: Peony Pavilion, Flower Banquet, Chinese Kung fu


Teaching Overview:

Color and specialized modeling language studies, specialized investigation, graduation creation