Du Dakai

Professor, PhD supervisor
Concurrent Academic Posts:
Member of the Third Mural Arts Council of Chinese Artists Association
Director of Public Art Committee Beijing Artists Association
Research Interests:
Arts language research, water ink creation and research 
Academic Propositions:

1. Concepts and language are the basic components of art. Without concept, art does not have purpose; without language, art degenerates into a tepid behavior. Study over language, spanning over two time dimensions: the past and the present, explores reason behind language development, inheritance and changes of language, addition, loss or degeneration of basic language components, type and style of language including characteristics of the time, nationality and individuals, language style of specific outstanding artists, rules behind language, features and forms of language, relationship between language and relevant discipline, and features of Chinese art language and its comparison with Western art language.

2. We should focus on contemporary research in Ink painting creation and the research includes relationship between the contemporary and tradition; possibilities of the contemporary etc.

Contemporary is the inevitable choice of history, which is based on the relationship between art and real life. Art is an extension of the spirit of real life. No life, no art. Life span and space are both concrete.

Academic Achievements


Essays on Art, containing more than 40 articles of all kinds, 275,000 words in total, including the creation and theoretical comments of wall paintings, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, comic strips and summary of personal creation experience and so on from 1980 to 2004, published by Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House in 2005

Essays Written Beside Ink Slab, containing 48 articles of all sorts, 250,000 words focusing on Chinese painting creation research and comments , published by Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House in 2008, from 2005 to 2008.

Painting Collections

Du Dakai Ink Painting Collection containing more than 140 pieces of Chinese Ink Painting from 1990 to 2005, published by Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House in 2005.

Du Dakai Ink Painting Collection 2006-2007, containing more than 60 pieces of Chinese Painting from 2006 to 2007, published by Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House in 2008

Du Dakai Ink Painting Collection 2008-2009, containing more than 150 pieces of Chinese Painting from 2008 to 2009, published by Jiuzhou Press in 2009


Exhibition of Works by Some Members of Chinese Artists Association in Los Angeles of the United States in January 2007; in July, themed exhibition: One World One Dream, in Mexico.

Joint Art Exhibition named: One World, One Dream, Chinese Art Celebrates the Olympic by Du Dakai Kai, Wang Jiaxin, Zhou changxin hosted in Beijing Military Museum in August, 2008

Du Dakai Ink Works Invitation Exhibition during the 4th Asia International Arts Antiques Fair in Hong Kong between May 22nd and May 26th, 2009.

Du Dakai Works Invitation Exhibition in Shanghai National Folk Culture and Custom Exposition in Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall

Work: Ink Fold Ringing in Exhibition of Open Sight - Selections of Chinese Contemporary Art co-sponsored by the China Art Gallery and National Prague Art Gallery, Czech Republic in Oct.2009.

Du Dakai Work Exhibition held in Hubei Fine Arts Academy. Kala Kunlun Ice Source in Inspiration Plateau - China Art Exhibition sponsored by Chinese Artists Association in November 2009

Planned and attended 2009 • Four Seasons Ink Painting - Contemporary Outstanding Artists Chinese Painting Nomination Exhibition in December 2009

2010 Ink Paintings • Originality and Future Invitation Exhibition organized by Chinese Art in China Art Gallery between March 2nd –March, 10th, 2010

Art Contribution Exhibition Series: the Eight Act -1936-2009 Figure Scene Paintings of Looking back • Reflection • Rereading the Classic held in Beijing 789 Art Gallery between April, 25th -May, 23rd, 2010.

Academic Teaching

Guidance for doctoral candidates

Guidance for masters

Guidance for master of art

Graduate course: Ink Sketch and Creation