Dai Daquan

Dai Daquan, master, professor, master supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Member of Graphic Art Committee of China Artists Association


Research Interest:

To reflect artists’ personality with the physical quality of materials


Academic Propositions:

The subject of expression, the artist and object material, will be presented no matter which way you choose to express yourself. The content of expression must be achieved through the hard work from both the subject and object. Between expression and the object, the way or method of expression can often lead to different results. It is important that the subject gets a comprehensive recognition of the object and way or method of expression and makes up the strength to express him or herself. The lifelong pursuit of each artist is to integrate all the positive elements and explore the goal of expression in a broad and in-depth way.


Academic Achievements:

Gold Prize of China Art Golden Color Award, First Prize of National Art Exhibition on the 80thAnniversary of Chinese Army, Silver Prize of China Art Exhibition


Academic Teaching:

Coloring, human body drawing, graphic art creation and graduation creation