Fu Bin


Fu Bin

Assistant Lecturer



2007  Graduated from Printmaking Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts,BA

2014  Graduated from Printmaking Department ,China Central Academy of Fine Arts,MFA


Selected Group Exhibition/Awards:

2017  “Third International Printmaking Triennial“,Art Pavilion CvijetaZuzoric ,Belgrade,Serbia

"Guanlan International Print Biennial”,China Guanlan Print Art Museum,Shenzhen


2016  “CREATION·IDEAL—Faculty Academic Work Exhibition of Arts & Design,Tsinghua” ,Visual Arts Center,Beijing

"The First Exhibition of Young Artist at the National Art Museum of China” ,The National Art Museum of China,Beijing

"Succession of Teaching”,Tsinghua University Art Museum,Beijing

"The 1st International Academic Printmaking Alliance Invitational Exhibition”,The Imperial Ancestral,Beijing

"Exhibition of  Fine Arts For Contemporary Chinese Young Artists“ China Cultural Centre in Singapore,Singapore


2015   “2015 Teacher‘s Group Exhibition of Academy of Arts &Design ,Tsinghua University”,Visual Arts Center,Beijing

"CONVECTION OF SENSES-Translated Form Of Vision &Tactile”,Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,Chongqing

"Research·Creation·Communication“21st century museum of contemporary art,Kanazawa,Japan

"Industrial Presence-2015 Triennial of Chinese Industrial Art Prints”, Hubei museum of art,Wuhan

"on the road 2015 Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artist &Forum of Young Art Critics”,Guan Shanyue Art Museum,Shenzhen“

"The 3th China Youth Prints Exhibition,Qingdao Art Museum,Qingdao

"The Fifth National Fine Arts Exhibition For Young Artists “China Art Museum,Shanghai

"Magic Square--the transcoding of accuracy “Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Museum,Shanghai


2014  “The 2th China Youth Prints Exhibition“,456Gallery,New York

"The Extension of 2014 Postgraduate Graduation Exhibition-An Experiment from CAFAM”,CAFAM,Beijing

"All About Stories”, Joy Place·Levi the Art Pavilion ,Beijing

"ONCE MEET” ,C5 ART ,Beijing

ArtNova100,National Agricultural Exhibition Center ,Beijing

"IVY ART”,Inside-Out Art Museum,Beijing

"The First Chinese Printmaking Exhibition ”China Guanlan Print Art Museum,Shenzhen

"PENCIL“,C5 ART,Beijing


2013  “Guanlan International Print Biennial”,Guanlan Art Museum ,Shenzhen

"The 2nd China Youth Prints Exhibition”,Beijing& Qingdao

"Cries Or Whispers ”,Gallery Beijing Space,Beijing


2012  “Dui Wei”,CAFA,Beijing

"Lingshi International Print Biennial Exhibition”,Longyin Gallery,Lingshi


2009  “A New Mark in Chinese Print Art“ ,The OCT Arts & Design Gallery ,Shenzhen

"The 9th Printmaking Exhibition” ,National Art Museum of China,  Beijing

"Green art fair 2009”, China world trade center exhibition hall, Beijing

Pusan Festival Print, Pusan,Korea   


2007  "Wu Yan Wu", Toady International Gallery, Beijing

"Wang Ying & Fu Bin", 798 Times Gallery, Beijing

The Today Art Student Annual Art Awards, Today Art Museum, Beijing


2016“Academic Award” ,Creation Ideal—Faculty Academic Work Exhibition of Arts &Design,Tsinghua

2012 “E LAND” Scholarship

2007 “Silver Award & Fang Lijun Award” as the 2007 Today Art Student Annual Art Awards



The National Art Museum of China

CAFA Art Museum

Department of Printmaking,CAFA

Guanshanyue Art Museum

Today Art Museum

KU Spencer Museum Of Art   USA

Lingshi International Print Biennial Exhibition


Fellowship/Academy Teaching:

My research direction is the extension of contemporary printmaking. Contemporary prints are open and diverse and these features can overcome limitations of traditional prints. From print materials, production methods, "version" and "print" concepts and conversion thinking of prints, we can build association between traditional prints and contemporary art creation. In practice, we can explore the possibilities of print in the contemporary era. I encourage students to try out and combine different drawing methods and to use a variety of technical and content-based approaches. They can then question these techniques in the interplay of visual perception and graphic representation.


The current courses I teach include Stone Lithography, Woodcut (Black & White), Printmaking Techniques, and Artwork Practice