Han Jingwei

Han Jingwei, Professor, Bachelor of Arts, Master Supervisor 


Research Interest:

Chinese Painting Creation and Theory Research  


Academic Propositions:

He advocates that we need to accurately grasp aesthetics of traditional Chinese painting and have in-depth study over traditional painting methods. In addition to traditional inheritance and knowledge, we need to understand and confirm modern value of the traditional culture in modern view, in which we search for things with features of modern art education and art practice usability, and with inspirations for reform and the revolution of art education .We could not merely imitate, copy, and extract history of traditional forms .We need to actively absorb foreign visual language research achievements, and explore, sort out, synthesize, and summarize the performance of the visual language of Chinese painting, making Chinese painting purer and have more visual tension. In the study over the transformation of Chinese painting to modern one, we propose that two aspects should be carried out: first, attention should be paid to the contemporary new ideas and new concepts, and exploration should be made for natural evolution of traditional aesthetic quality in line with aesthetic need that is more suitable to modern people; second, the study should be conducted over the expressibility of visual language which expresses Chinese painting thoroughly.


Academic Achievements:

(1) Awards:

Award of Excellence for Work, Old Dry Land Greeting Spring, in the Ninth National Art Works Exhibition 

Silver Medal for Countryside Accord in the Second China Painting Exhibition Bronze Medal for Return in the Second China Art Golden Award Exhibition 

Silver Medal for Countryside Girlin the First Canadian Maple Leaf Award International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition 

The Second Prize for Family in the first national China Cup Chinese Painting Grand Prix 

The Third place for Shehuo Series II in the First Chinese Folk Paintings Grand Prix 

The Third place for Xin Tian You in Dongfang Huai (International) Chinese Painting Grand Prix

(2) Teaching Achievements 

Host the construction and reform of Chinese Landscape Painting Teaching 

The second prize of National Teaching Achievement in 2005

(3) Thesis 

Thesis: Chinese Landscape Painting Language Basic Research published in in the issue 4-9 of Art and Design World in 1997 

Thesis: Ink Painting Psychological Construction published in the second issue of Art and Design World in 2001 

Thesis: Thinking of Chinese Painting Creation Teaching published in the Fifth issue of Art Yard in 2005 

Thesis: To Pursue the Nature of Landscape Painting and to Construct the Teaching System published in the Issue II of Art Yard in 2005 

Thesis: On the Structure of ink Painting published in the issue 6 of Chinese Painting Master in 2006

Thesis: The Modern Value of Traditional Chinese Painting Aesthetic Pursuit and Demonstration published in the Golden, Harmonious Age of Chinese Contemporary Artists Personal Album - Han Jingwei by Beijing Publishing House in June ,2010.

(4) Publications of Textbooks Han Jingwei Collection--- Landscape Painting Teaching Draft published Tsinghua University Press in 2009  Professor Lecture of National Teaching Achievement Award, 6 DVDs, issued by Liaoning Audio and Video House in 2006

(5) Publications of Monographs Chinese Painting Texture Performance by Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House in 2000


Academic Teaching:

Chinese Ink Painting Form Research, Artistic Creation Method Research 

Landscape (1),

Landscape (2),

Ink Painting Creation