Jiang Zhinan

Associate Professor

Bachelor’s Degree

Supervisor for Masters’ Degree Candidates

Other Professional Positions:

Deputy Secretary General of Watercolor Painting Art Committee under the China Artists Association

Deputy Director of Watercolor Painting Art Committee under the Beijing Artists Association

Research Area:

Artistic Expression of the Contemporary Watercolor

Academic Viewpoint:

Today's art community lacks neither a variety of contemporary artistic forms nor dazzling expressions. What have been really lost are the true feelings contained in the artistic expression and the profound reflection on humanity and warmth, which can be brought by the works to the audience. My proposition is that we explore life in depth to truly experience and enjoy the details of life, employ all means to record and deliver true feelings and fully utilize existing techniques to strengthen the expressiveness. There is no end for exploration of arts. Imagination and creativity can best represent the competence of an artist. How to learn from various arts to strengthen the expressiveness of watercolor art is the purpose of my research.

Academic Achievements:


“Bicycle” was selected in Grand Exhibition in China Today’s Art Museum;

“Sangtaifei and Taosi Series” won Honorable Mention in the First China Small Size Watercolor Paintings Exhibition and the 2nd Fine Art Golden Color Prize of China and was selected for participating in the Beijing International Art Biennale;

Jiang Zhinan was invited to attend the Strumica International Artists' Meeting held at the National Gallery of Macedonia. Four of his works were selected in a European tour.


“Landscape of Dalian City” was chosen as the design for a four-set stamps;

“The Carriage at the Central Park in New York” was invited to attend the Tenth National Art Exhibition;

“The Riverside” was invited to attend the Asian Watercolor Invitational Exhibition held in South Korea;

“Shapes and Shadows” as invited to attend The Third Nanjing Medium Exhibition of Ink Painting.


Works were presented at the Beijing Invitational Exhibition of Watercolor Painting. He was also invited as the exhibition juror for the Seventh National Exhibition of Watercolor Painting.


“The Elderly in Xinjiang” series were presented in the Art Expo Malaysia - Special Exhibition in the China Pavilion.

2012 Works were presented at the National Watercolor and Gouache Painting Exhibition. He was also invited as the exhibition juror.

Papers & Publications:

1. Teaching and Studying Watercolor, People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 2001

2. Watercolor Painting Techniques, Beijing Global Audio-visual Publishing House, 2001

3. Gouache Landscape, China Literature and Art Audio-visual Publishing House, 2003

4. Gouache Figures, China Literature and Art Audio-visual Publishing House, 2003

5. Teaching Practice in Basic Art Training: Color Painting, Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House, 2003


Courses undertaken: Coloration, Sketching, Quick Sketching, Field Practice, Watercolor Expression (optional course for postgraduate students)