Liu Lin

Liu Lin

Professor, Master, Master Supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Vice President and Secretary General of Heavy Color Painting Society of Chinese Artists Association,

Vice President of Modern Meticulous Paintings Institute of Ministry of Culture

Executive Director and Deputy Secretary-General of Institute of Chinese Meticulous Painting

Vice President of Beijing Meticulous and Heavy color Painting Society

Member of China Artists Association


Research Interests:

Chinese Figure Painting Creation and Theory Research

Chinese Meticulous Painting Transmission and Innovation Research 


Academic Propositions:

We should center on research subject, carry out the transmission and innovation research, and pay attention to combination of theory and practice. Perfect the theoretical thinking in creation and grasp the frontier of the discipline and academic orientation. Research topics should include: 1. Figure Painting Inheritance and Innovation; 2. Figure Painting and Modeling Research; 3. Figure Line drawing Modeling Language Research; 4. The Image of Performance Research in Figure Painting; 5. Comparative Research .over Western and Oriental Figure Painting Modeling 

There is much room for innovation and development of contemporary Chinese Figure Painting (including Meticulous Figure Painting). How to overtake the tradition? How to orderly inherit? How to innovate? For figure painting creation and theory research, attention should be paid to: 1. Figure painting and modeling issues, 2. Issues of forms and vividness, 3. Realism and romanticism and so on. Make comparative study methodologically over the Chinese figure painting and the Western portrait painting and pay attention to the absorption the scientific elements of Western painting's modeling and take the people as an important study subject.

While breaking through the limitation of ink, we should flexibly use the ink structure to strengthen the heart of image and modal characteristics, learning from Western painting, but basically we need to explore the art of Chinese painting. Chinese painting is the main body, while occidental painting can be of practical use. Chinese figure painting innovation should keep pace with the times, face the reality, pay attention to life, try to find out spiritual meaning, and interpret breadth and eternity of humanity in the painting. We should utilize the modern figure modeling concepts to illustrate traditional view on modeling. And selectively draw on foreign scientific artistic research of expression methods. We should boldly innovate, practice and strengthen the power of Chinese figure painting, mine characters’ inner world, pursue the innovation in terms of theory and aesthetics connotation.


Academic Achievements:

Silver Award for Work, Memory in Micro and Fine Notional Small Meticulous Exhibition, completed independently in 2003.

Academic Award for Work, Remaining Fragrance, in the First Chinese Heavy Color Painting Exhibition, completed independently in 2001.

Work Shanghai 1933 - Lu Xun and Qu Qiubai selected by the Seventh National Meticulous Exhibition.

Work, Cloud selected into the Academy - National Meticulous Artists Exhibition, collected by China Art Gallery

Monograph, Use essence and Macro - Meticulous Spirit and Teaching Research published by Tsinghua University Press in June 2010.

Paper, Real Art and the Truth, Art Observation issue 4 in 2010

Paper, Thought of the necessity of Social Practice Teaching in Fine Arts Academy issue 1 in 2010, won the third place for Outstanding Paper from Higher Education Institute of Tsinghua University in October, 2009.

Thesis, Encouragement, Energy, Creativity, dialogue - Art Teaching Collection of Tsinghua University published by Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House in 2006

Paper, Perception of Lines, and Decoration, included in the issue. 4, in 2006

1, collected in the third China Art • Chang'an Forum Collection published by Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Publishing House in October, 2009.

2, collected in into the College - Contemporary University of Chinese Painting Masters File, published by Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House, in December 2008.


Academic Teaching:

Meticulous Figure Painting, Heavy Color Painting, Copying, Line Drawing, and Sketch