Liu Jude

Liu Jude, Professor, PhD Supervisor


Concurrent Academic Posts:

Member of Exhibition Review Committee, National Art Museum of China

Member of National Expert Committee for Art Archives, Ministry of Culture

Member of Nomination Committee, Tsinghua University

Council member of China Artists Association


Research Interest:

Comparative Study on Life Spirit of Chinese and Western Painting and Art


Academic Propositions:

1.Only in the comparative study, we can see the values and advantages of our traditional culture clearly, as well as maintain, utilize and carry forward them. Contemporary Chinese culture needs to exploit its uniqueness among the commonality to have complementary advantages.

2.Art springs from the highly unified awareness towards life of both external objectivity and internal subjectivity. Without experience of the life spirit, art cannot be generated. 


Research Achievements:


In the Face of Image, Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House, 2007

Graphic Imagination, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, 1994

Album of paintings

Liu Jude Chinese Painting Collection, Shanxi People’s Publishing House, 1999

Liu Jude Sketch Collection, Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House, 1996


Belief of Beauty, published on the 8th International Congress of Aesthetics, 2010, Peking University

To the Unknown, 2010 Tsinghua University New Humanities Lecture Series, Tsinghua University Press

Wu Guanzhong’s Thoughts of Ink Painting, Preface of Volume Six, 2009 The Complete Works of Wu Guanzhong, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House


March 16-26, 2010, invited to participate in Metz Art Fair, France

2008 participated in "One World One Dream" Theme Exhibition

2010 Art Exhibition to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and India

2010 Nine Dragons Hill Art Exhibition in National Art Museum of China

April 25- May 23, 2010, participated in the 8th Exhibition of 1936-2009 Paintings on Figure and Scene, Art Literature Exhibition series of “Looking Back, Reflecting and Re-reading History”, Permanence Gallery, 798 Gallery, Beijing


Academic Teaching:

Supervising PhD candidates

Supervising Postgraduates

Supervising postgraduates majored in art

Undergraduate Courses: Freehand Figure of Ink and Wash Painting, Figuring Studies of Chinese Line Drawing