Li Tianyuan

Li Tianyuan Bachelor Degree, Associate Professor


Research Direction:

Man’s relation with nature


Academic Proposals:

Man is part of the Nature. “Nature is the visible mind while man’s mind is the invisible nature.” I like to learn about man’s existence state from macro, micro and realistic perspectives, in an attempt to establish a connection between an element (individual) and the whole (universe) with a certain visual form to expose the intrinsic relationship between the concrete world and man’s mind.

Since the inception of industrial civilization, man has been transforming Nature and the environment on a large scale, thus forming the so-called second nature, i.e. urban landscape. With the relation between man and Nature undergoing fundamental changes, new problems concerning survival, resources and environment, keep springing up, which have also been reflected through artistic creations. With the advent of IT age, Internet has contributed to the changes of human communications, forming the “Third Nature,” or Virtual Nature. We can see the world without leaving home. Thus the requirement for experiencing the reality is met and replaced with experiencing the virtual space, leading to one more change in interpersonal, man and nature relations, and in the survival environment. Reflections on and attitudes towards the above-mentioned issues will exert direct impact on an artist’s creation.


Prizes and Academic Achievements:

Academic paper Camera’s Perspective—Probe into the Perspectives and Concepts of Photography, published in the 7th issue of Decoration, a state-level academic journal, 2009; Flesh of the World — Photographic Works of Li Tianyuan (photographic works and academic paper), published in the February issue of the magazine Chinese Photography, 2009; Interview (photographic works and academic paper), published in the December issue of Gallery, 2009; Interview on Li Tianyuan,an Emerging Artist (photographic works and academic paper), published in the 2ndissue of Art, 2009; and 60 Years of Chinese Art from 1949 to 2009 (photographic works and academic papers), published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House.

The oil painting work Yezi won the gold prize at 1st Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, 1991; the oil paintings were exhibited at the 24th Asian International Art Exhibition: “Asia @ Asia: Unfolding Pluralism” in 2009 at National Art Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the oil paintings were exhibited at 1st Yan Gerber International Art Exhibition, at Yan Gerber Museum of Modern Art; the oil painting Narration participated in “2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary Art Exhibition” held at National Art Museum of China and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts; his works were exhibited at “China Contemporary Art Exhibition to Celebrate the 60 Anniversary of the Founding of the P.R.C” at The Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center, Contemporary Art Exhibition “Chinese Situation, Chongqing Post-house” at Chongqing 501 Contemporary Art Gallery, “Flesh of the World - Li Tianyuan Photography Exhibition” at Yachang Art Gallery in Shenzhen, and “Art of China” - the 4thChina Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Exposition at Huan Tie Times Art Gallery, Beijing; his oil paintings participated in 2009 “Art of China” - China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Exposition at Huan Tie Times Art Gallery in Beijing; the Same at 01100001 Gallery Opening Exhibition in Beijing; his oil painting “Have Take2” was exhibited at 798 Art Zone, Pioneer Gallery; his works also participated in “14 Contemporary Chinese Artists” held at ELI KLEIN Gallery, New York.


Teaching Overview:

Oil Painting Creation, Oil Painting of Figures, Contemporary Photography