Qu Xin

Associate Professor


Master’s Supervisor

Research Area: 

Neo-figurative Painting

Academic Viewpoint:

Individual expression in creation, pursuit of beautiful things, enjoyment and tension of works, and diversified presentation are the comprehensive manifestation of aesthetic appreciation. Your thoughts, feelings, knowledge, abilities and attitudes towards life will be reflected in the creation. The more you know, the more mature your work will be. Your work will reveal profounder meanings with stronger visual impact and sense of the times. To celebrate life and bring visual enjoyment to people is a constantly-pursued goal of art.

To combine multiple materials in the creation enriches the content of the work, the methods of expression and accuracy of delivery. It could stimulate the desire and imagination for innovation, making the creative process more vigorous and active. This is a creative task. The complex and changeable images we face require us to discover and extract the essence from them and orderly sort out, select, and constantly improve them to integrate the work with the intention of creation.

Academic Achievements:


1996: Photorealism Painting, Guangxi Arts Publishing House

2007: Basic Courses of Design (Sketch), Anhui Fine Arts Publishing House

2007: A Look at Figurative Art, Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House

2009: Teaching Practice in Basic Arts Training: Sketches of Objects and Places, Hubei Fine Arts Press



Courses undertaken: Coloration, Sketching, Quick Drawing, Comprehensive Material Creation, Field Practice, Neo-Figurative Painting (optional course for postgraduate students)