Song Ke

Song Ke

Professor Master degree   Master supervisor


Academic Titles:

Member of Comprehensive Material Painting Art Committee under China Artists Association

Member of China Artists Association


Research Directions:

a) Comprehensive material painting b) Study of language of mural art


Academic Proposition:

On Comprehensive Material Painting

Form and spirit in the visual art of painting constitute the most important factors in the structure of a picture. With continuous scientific and technological development, more materials have been applied by painters to their artistic creation, bringing the revolution of forms to modern painting and enriching the expressions of forms in visual arts. The on-going extension of materials applied in painting offers greater potential to artistic creation, which adds to expressions and forms of painting in ornamental mold, color, and materials, as well as to the connotations and visual impact of the painting.

Modern Chinese art calls for perfect and organic integration of materials and the spirit of painting by the artists, based on the essence of Chinese culture so as to produce unique and exuberant formal artistic expressions. Only in doing so can a perfect and harmonious combination be reached in the process of thematic creation and unique artistic value and influence be obtained.

On Study of Language of Mural Painting

In the present information age, language and system of traditional occidental and oriental mural painting begin to change. Therefore, mural painting, whose function is to inherit culture, has to undergo fundamental change towards modern conformation. The painting modes of language of modeling, language of color and language of materials should be placed by the artists under reflection and scrutiny in the development of traditional mural painting in order to expand the scope and diversify the themes of modern mural paintings, as that is where the spirit of modern mural painting language lies.


Academic Achievements:

a) Exhibitions

In 1999, the mural painting “A Journey of Beauty” participated in the 9th National Fine Art Exhibition; In 2002, his painting work participated in the Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C; In 2003, the comprehensive material painting “Invisible Tremendous Beauty” won the gold medal at the 2nd China Mineral Color Painting Exhibition; In 2005, “Song Ke Art Works Exhibition of Footprints in Nieva” was held in St. Petersburg, Russia, where St. Petersburg Artists Association collected 老拉德加[l1];In 2008,he participated in Art Works Exhibition “Focus on Africa” sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C; In 2009, he participated in “Mobile Landscape Art Works Exhibition” in the USA at the invitation of San Jose Art Museum; In 2009, his mural painting “Golden Time” participated in the 2nd National Mural Painting Exhibition; In 2009, his engraving work “Earthenware Family” participated in the 11th National Fine Art Exhibition.

b) Mural paintings and public art works

His mural paintings and public art works include large-scale mural painting “Spring Returns to the South of Changjiang River” for the headquarters of China Bank of Construction; bronze relief mural painting “Light of Water Conservancy” for the Ministry of Water Resources of the P.R.C; large-scale acrylic mural painting “The Gem of Silk Road” for the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel; large-scale wrought copper sculpture “Devotion” for Development Research Center of the State Council; large- scale stainless steel sculpture “Soaring up” for the Electronic Industry Ministry of the P.R.C; large-scale weaving mural painting “Soul of China” for Century Hotel Shijiazhuang, and large-scale bronze relief mural painting “Golden Time” for Beijing Iron Tower Dream Theater.

c) Papers and works published

1. Monograph: European Modern Urban Sculpture by Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

2. Member of the editing committee of World Embossment Art (Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House)

3. Paper entitled Spirit of Time in Modern Decorative Painting published on Art Design Teaching Classics for the Higher Education Institutes of Fine Arts in China in the 21st Century by Huashan Literature & Art Publishing House

4. Paper entitled Academism Education and Fundamentals of Realistic Modeling in 60 Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters by CFLAC Publishing House

5. Paper entitled On Material Expression & Artistic Creation on World Art

d) In 2008,sent by the Ministry of Culture of the P.R.C. as a state-funded expert to Senegal National Art Institute for academic and teaching exchanges at the institute's invitation.


Teaching Overview:

Fundamentals of Specialized Sketching, Color and Landscape Painting, Specialized Modeling Language Studies, Tempera and Mural Painting