Wen Zhongyan

Wen Zhongyan

Master of art, Associate Professor

Deputy Director, Department of Painting


Research Direction:

Study on the artistic language of the diverse arts of screen print engraving


Academic Proposition:

Screen print painting is rich in artistic expression and can be applied to a vast range of printing stock, making the diverse artistic language expression possible. We should go beyond the division of different types of painting and be fully aware that screen print is just a specific form of artistic creation. Only in this way can we have access to the uniqueness of a screen print painting.

In creating a screen printing work, a painter should, with an honest and peaceful attitude, apply simple screen printing techniques to express his inner feelings, instead of using the “new”, “weird” or “strange” techniques to pursue blindly the novel effect. The techniques to be applied on the painting should be completely subject to the content of the painting.


Academic Achievements:

Quite many screen print works have been sent to participate in key domestic and international exhibitions and have won prizes. Among them there are: screen print work Back of the City selected to participate in the New China 60th Anniversary Exhibition, 2009; screen print work No. 6 of City Phantasm—Nuwa Holding the Moon, selected to participate in the 11th National Art Exhibition; screen print work No. 2 of City Phantasm participated in the 3rd National Young Artists’ Works Exhibition, and won the Prize of Excellence in 2008; screen print works selected to participate in International Screen Print Painting Biennial Guanlan, Shenzhen, and Yunnan International Screen Print Biennial, 2007.

In 2005, he participated in the writing of Print Making (as the second author), the first textbook in China in the field of print making among domestic institutes of arts. The textbook was awarded the Excellent Textbook of Higher Education in Beijing and the first prize of textbook of Tsinghua University in 2006 and 2008 respectively. He attended the annual conferences on print making education and creation for art institutes across the country in 2004 and 2006, and the 4th Art and Design International Seminar at Tama Art University, Japan.

His screen print engraving works have been published in the journals of Fine Art, Decoration, Art Research,

Art World, China Engravings, have been collected in the albums of 60 Years of New China’s Engravings, Spring Flowers and Autumn Fruits—60 Years of New China’s Engravings, and Excellent Graduation Works of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

His screen print works have been collected by individuals and establishments, including National Art Museum of China, Art Gallery of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Art Gallery, Qingdao Art Gallery, Yan Wenliang Art Gallery at Jiangsu Province, Art Gallery of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Art Gallery of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, and Ludwig Museum in Germany.


Teaching Overview:

Screen Printing, Screen Trinting techniques, Comprehensive Training of Print Painting Language