Wang Hongjian



Master’s Supervisor

Member of the Academic Committee of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University,

Other Professional Positions:

Council member of China Artists Association; member of the Oil Painting Art Committee of China Artists Association; emeritus professor at Repin Academy of Fine Art of Russia; guest oil painting artist at Chinese National Academy of Arts; receiver of the "Special Government Allowances of the State Council" as an expert; honoree of the first batch of National Young and Middle-Aged Outstanding Artists; and member of the steering committee for creation in the "Artistic Creation Project on Chinese Civilization and History"


Research Area:

Realistic oil painting combining Chinoiserie and western traditional techniques


Academic Viewpoint:

Integrate aesthetic spirit, rules, layout and strokes in traditional Chinese culture with realism techniques in traditional Western oil painting. The integration is used to display the living conditions of contemporary Chinese. Strive to pursue epic image while encouraging audience to understand the philosophy in emotions through visual effect.

Academic Achievements:

Major Domestic Awards: Silver Award of the 6th National Art Exhibition; the highest award of the 8th National Art Exhibition; Gold Award of the 9th National Art Exhibition; Bronze Award of the 10th National Art Exhibition; Outstanding Works of the 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition; Top Art  Awards in 2005: Top 10 Fine Art Works; Finalist of the "1st Wu Zuoren Art Awards· Modeling Art Award, 2006; praised by the Ministry of Culture for the large-scale oil painting May 2008: the Intense Month about earthquake relief; invited to participate in the "Artistic Creation Project on Major Chinese Historical Subjects" and completed the oil painting The Land Reborn.

Major International Awards:

President Award of 2001 New York International Portrait Exhibition;

Outstanding Contribution of 2002 New York International Portrait Art Exhibition; Honorable Award of the Russian Academy of Arts.


Creation of Oil Painting, Sketching, Oil Painting from Nature, and Imitation of Classical Oil Paintings