Xi Haifei

Xi Haifei

Professor with MA degree, Master Supervisor


Academic Titles:

Member of Mural Art Committee under China Artists Association, member of China Murals Society, member of China Artists Association, member of China Oil Painting Society, and member of Public Art Committee under Beijing Artists Association.


Research Directions:

Comprehensive material thematic mural in public environment, oil painting, and comprehensive material painting


Academic Proposition:

Probe into artistic creation forms and the corresponding theories on public space; advocate that we should inherit our culture and draw on the outstanding cultural traditions and international artistic creations; pay due attention to people’s livelihood, public culture, environmental protection and nature; improve the quality of urban environment and culture so as to advocate simple, decent, cultivated and moral citizen culture.


Academic Achievements:

His works participated in the 8th, 9th, and 10th National Art Exhibitions, the 1st Chinese Oil Painting Society Art Works Exhibition, the 2nd Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting and Oil Painting Exhibition, the 1st and the 2nd National Mural Exhibitions, From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Exhibition, Art and Science International Works Exhibition, and have won the nominated prize from international judges etc.

He participated in the overall planning of artistic and cultural construction in the Three Gorges area, serving as the head of the artistic works planning team. He completed nearly 60 mural paintings for China Millennium Monument, Hong Kong SAR, Beijing National Security Bureau, Law Press, Xuchang Procuratorate of Henan Province, and Beijing Railroad Museum. Among these paintings, the large-scale mural painting Splendid China designed for the North Hall of the Great Hall of the People where Chinese leaders meet international distinguished guests has been collected by the Hall permanently. His works Autumn Wilderness and Dragon and Phoenix Presenting Prosperity have been collected in Needlework and Tapestry Volume and the Mural Volume of Complete Works of Modern Chinese Art.

About 90 artistic works, academic works and papers have been published or selected to participate in exhibitions, including nearly 80 published artistic works, two monographs City’s Expression—Chinese Design Criticism and Artistic Design of Murals, and ten academic papers.



Tapestry Sunflower Landscape and lacquer screen Summer Night won Long Fuji International Fine Art prize

Color ink paintings Lotus and Blue Flower were displayed at the Low Block of Hong Kong City Hall, winning the prize of Excellent Works.

Sketch painting Qi Baishi & Nature, was selected in Tsinghua University 90th Anniversary Art and Science Exhibition, and won the nominated prize by the international judges from National Art Museum of China.

Oil painting Last Homeland, Changbaishan Mountain and Heilongjiang River series, was selected into “The 3rd Tsinghua Industrial Arts Cup" of the teachers’ works held by the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and won the bronze medal.



Public Artistic Design, and Mural Painting