Yan Hui

Yan Hui

MA degree, teaching assistant


Research direction:

Studies on copperplate engravings


Academic Proposals:

Due to historical reasons, the development of copperplate engravings has its technical defects, which directly undermines the academic standard and cultural expression in the relevant fields in contemporary China. Therefore, he focuses his studies on the techniques and artistic expression of copperplate engravings in the hope that the upgraded techniques and artistic expression can contribute to improving art education and serving the society. Technique training calls for long-lasting and repeated devotion.


Academic achievements:

1. Two academic papers in line with the research direction

Studies on the Art of Copperplate Engravings of Combat Maps in the Court of the Qing Dynasty, third issue of the journal of Art Studies 2006 Copperplate Engravings of Combat Maps in the Court of the Qing Dynasty, 11th issue of the magazine Collections, 2005

2. Exhibitions and Prizes

In 2001, the copperplate engraving work the Wall, exhibited at the “Graduation Works Exhibition of the Central Academy of Arts and Design,” is permanently collected by the Display Hall of the Academy.

In 2002, his works were exhibited at Excellent Exhibited Works to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of Central Academy of Arts and Design at the Academy’s Exhibition Hall

In 2003, his works were selected to participate in the 8th National Stone plate, Copperplate, and Screen Printing Exhibition

In 2004, his works were selected to participate in the Annual Copperplate Engravings Exhibition of National Art Institutes

In the same year, he won the Prize of Skills at the 3rd Industrial Art Cup Exhibition of Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

In 2005, at the 17th National Engraving Exhibition, his works were selected to participate in the Chinese Art Exposition at China International Exhibition Center

In 2008, his works participated in China South Korea Art Exchange Exhibition at Korean Cultural Service, Beijing, and his Poetic Echo, an oil painting was exhibited at the 3rd Dimension Public Art Center.


Teaching Overview:

Copperplate Techniques, Copper Print Painting