Zhou Aimin

Zhou Aimin, Associate Professor, doctor degree

Deputy Director, Department of Painting


Research Direction:

Studies on modern and contemporary Chinese fine arts


Academic Proposals:

With fine arts in modern and contemporary China as the object of my study, I study the phenomena, trend of thoughts, schools and representative artists that have emerged since the 20thcentury. I attach the importance to the combination of theoretical research and creation practice and focus on contemporary art creations, so as to find out in which direction and on what theoretical basis Chinese fine arts should develop from among the complex yet energetic art creations. I emphasize the comparison and analysis of the present situation and problems in the development of fine arts in contemporary China in a broad cultural perspective and based on strict historical research. By combining the Western culture and art research theories and methods with Chinese philosophical and cultural traditions, I study the development, characteristics and cultural values of fine arts in modern and contemporary China.


Academic Achievements:

Research Projects:

The Study on the 20th Century Chinese Decorative Art (under research) funded by National Social Science Foundation for Young Artists’ Programs, 2008;

The Study on the Art and Art Education of Pang Xunqin, completed, funded by the 40th Chinese Post-doctorate Science Foundation (level I funding);


Monograph: Studies on Yan’an Woodcut Art, Hebei Education Publishing House, Dec. 2009;

Participated in the compilation of Interviews on the 60 Years of Fine Arts of New China, Sep. 2009, People’s Publishing House;

Participated in the writing of Encyclopedia of Chinese Fine Arts (People’s Fine Arts Publishing House) in Jun. 2009;


Academic Papers:

Over 30 academic papers have been published, including 2 SSCI papers and 6 CSSCI papers.


Teaching Overview:

Mural Painting History, Anatomy, Perspective, Specialized Investigation