Chen Lei

Chen Lei Associate Professor

Holder of master’s degree, associate professor

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Research Field:
Animation design
Research Direction:
Animation style design

Starting with the studies on different forms of animation such as 3D animation, 2D animation and stop-motion animation and on the different animation styles in Europe, USA and Japan and exploiting various new technologies and platforms, the research on animation style design examines the existing and possible projection of Chinese culture into animation art and experiments with the production of short animation films. The aim of the research is to find the animation style that fits for the background of Chinese culture and technical platforms and satisfies the aesthetic taste of international audience.

Academic View:

The fundamental issue of Chinese animation is the backward ideas in animation creation. We should find the core cultural elements of Chinese animation and apply them to various platforms by studying the evolution and trends of different ideas of animation creation in Europe, USA and Japan. Only when the difficulties in the creation of Chinese animation are overcomed, can we make breakthrough in the industrial development and animation teaching.

Academic Achievements:

Chen’s academic achievements focus on animation design and project practice.


In the area of project practice:

In 2006, at Frontier Developments (in Cambridge, UK), Chen carried out the concept design/story board design for the next-generation game entitled Outsider; and conducted the preliminary concept design/story board design for the next-generation game entitled Golden Compass.


During 2006-2008, at Framstore (in London), Chen created main animation character’s digital model and designed 2D animation background for the animation film co-produced by UK and USA entitled The Tale of Despereaux.


In 2008, at Framstore (in London), Chen created digital stand-in of the leading male actor and the supporting actress for the film co-produced by USA and Australia entitled Australia.


In 2009, at Aardman (in Bristol, UK), Chen worked as a member of the team for preliminary design and carried out the aided design of all leading characters, creation of 3D models, and color design of some scenes for the animation film co-produced by UK and USA entitled Arhtur Christmas.


In the area of animation design:

In 2006, the short 3D ink animation film entitled Brush created by Chen won the first prize of ultra-short animation film in Animago Digital Art Festival, and was projected in the Siggraph Electronic Theater (USA), the highest accreditation for 3D animation films in the international CG (computer graphics) animation industry.

Teaching Tasks: