Guan Yan

Guan Yan, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Assistant Director

Member of the Subcommittee for Arts of the Supervisory Committee of Computer Teaching for Humanities under the Ministry of Education

Academic View:

Information interaction design aims to improve the quality of people’s digital life, cerate the efficient, convenient and accessible means of communication, and provide unique and personalized experience to the users. Thanks to the toppling of technical bottlenecks, mobile learning will be much popularized in the future society. It is the research project of great significance to create the suitable environment and service of online virtual teaching by information interaction design to meet the learning needs of the people with different educational levels. The online virtual digitalized learning can fully mobilize social resources, arouse learning interest by using education in amusement and vivid audio-visual language, promote the socialization of learning, and make mobile learning a healthy and positive lifestyle.


Research Field: 

The interaction design methods of mobile device-based information services and products innovations, serious games, and natural interfaces

Research Direction:

Research on user experience of mobile education platform

The research focuses on integrating social resources and enhancing learning interest and efficiency through socialized learning model characterized by education in amusement, analyzing the psychological and learning traits of the groups at different ages and with different characteristics, and studying how to establish the active, effective and interesting community-based learning model to make mobile learning a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Academic Achievements:

Guan Yan is an interaction designer with the background of industrial design, who had engaged in electronic voice product design and had designed several models of talking clocks and taking watches. Guan is very interested in the design of educational products. In 1990, Guan designed the early learning products of teaching aids, the large-sized toy of the situational blocks, which created the different story situations though the mix and match of blocks and used the children’s role-playing to develop children’s imagination and communication capabilities In 1999, Guan undertook the project of designing the multimedia teaching courseware entitled Product Molding Materials and Process, which aimed to develop the effective teaching aids for specialized courses by using multimedia tools. In 2003, Guan undertook the interactive devices design project for the Geological Museum of China, which endeavored to teach the knowledge of geological science to children through the method of education in amusement. In 2006 and 2007, Guan carried out the design of interactive exhibits for Daqing Petroleum Museum and Chaxigu Plant Ecology Science Hall in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town, exploring the entertainment and education dimensions of interactive contents and interactive forms and obtaining rich practical design experience. During 2007-2008, Guan participated in the project of the Beijing 2008 Digital Olympic Museum. Guan conducted in-depth study and analysis of the design positioning, form of content organization and interactive narration of the digital museum, and explored how to use various vivid and interesting digitalized displaying modes to attract users and make them acquire wide knowledge about Olympic Games in amusement.

In 2009, Guan received Doctor Degree from the Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University. Guan’s doctoral dissertation entitled The Methods of Natural Interfaces Design, demonstrated and elaborated on the social significance, value, design modes and design methods of natural interfaces, and suggested that the natural interfaces are the devolvement direction of future pervasive devices.

Since 2001, Guan has undertaken several state key scientific research projects, including two state 985 key projects, i.e. Information Design and Computer Aided Product Design. The textbook Computer Aided Product Design by Guan is listed in the key textbooks specified by the Ministry of Education for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. In 2010, Guan undertook the key arts research project of the Ministry of Education: Research on the Art Forms of New Media. During 2009 to 2010, Guan participated in the collaborative projects of Mobile Service Design and China’s Opportunities with the Nokia Innovation Center and Nokia Interface Design Group, respectively, and conducted in-depth research on mobile service design. The new media art works created by Guan Yan in 2004 entitled Ice Tour was displayed in the 10th National Fine Art Exhibition. In 2009, Guan participated in the design contest for road navigation system in Chaoyang District and won the third prize.

Teaching Task:

The courses Guan teaches include Interactive Media Design, Information Design Methods and Usability Assessment. The course Interactive Media Design focuses on the narrative characteristics of interactive media, trains the students to conduct thematic creations by using non-linear narrative methods, and cultivates their skills in visualization, dynamic design and scripting. The course Information Design Methods teaches the students to find design opportunity based on the demand data of market and users and cultivates their ability to clarify design question, propose optimal design proposal and express the design concept. The course Usability Assessment teaches the theory and methodology of usability assessment through case study and arranges the practical tasks of usability assessment for students in order to amend the design according to the results of assessment and enhance students’ understanding of the role of usability assessment in the design process.