Shi Danqing

Shi Danqing


New Media Art Oriented Interdisciplinary Study


In 2009, Professor Shi held a position as lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI, U.S.A in Digital Media Dept. & Architecture Dept. He taught course “Self-organized Urbanism” about urban design in new media era, and hosted workshop “Introduction to Creative Programming”. While teaching in RISD, he also worked as a part-time digital producer in Inwindow Outdoor LLC. In New York, and designed and developed outdoor interactive advertising for clients: 20th Century Fox, Disney, Version, Yahoo, MaserCard, etc. From 2010 to 2012, he worked as a computational designer at ART+COM AG Berlin Germany, designed and developed interactive exhibitions and installations.


2011-Hansol Paper Museum, South Korea. Media installation “Breeze” for digital ink and calligraphy simulation and interaction, as designer and software developer.

2010-King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge and Culture, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Interactive media exhibition design and development, as leading designer and software developer. Telecom’s CLOUD hotel, Cologne, Germany. Cloud computing integration in hotel service design, as leading designer. Micro Zoo, Amsterdam Netherlands. Interactive exhibition and media architecture design, as leading designer.

2009-Outdoor video game for the campaigns of Disney’s movie “The Sorcerer's Apprentice”, installed in NYC and Los Angles, as designer. Outdoor video game for the campaigns of Version’s Droid and Fios, installed in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, as leading designer and software developer. Interactive installation, Avatar Morphing Station, for 20th Century Fox’s movie Avatar’s outdoor campaign, installed in Los Angles, as designer and software developer.


2011-Proposal Cinderella Lunar Mission was selected and published on Ars Electronica 2011 [the next idea] session website. IPad application Last Clock co-worked with Jussi Ängeslevä was invited and shown in Designnova 2011 China International Creative Design Exhibition.

2010-Interactive outdoor advertising installation Avatar Morphing Station won the Golden Prize of OBIE 2010 American Outdoor Advertising Association

2009-Experimental game Nameless Lunar Mission was selected by Interactive Multimedia Culture Exposition New York City. Interactive installation "Balance" was selected by "Pixilerations-New Media Festival" in Providence, RI, USA.

2006 - CG short movie High-pitch La won the first prize of Central Academy of Fine Art annual exhibition, and was selected and shown in Berlin Young Director Film Festival.