Wu Guanying

Wu Guanying, Professor
Bachelor, Master's and PhD supervisor
Part-time Positions in Important Academic Communities:
Vice chairman of the Animation Art Committee of the Artists Association of China
Expert Member of Inter-Ministry Joint Expert Committee for Supporting Animation Industry of the Ministry of Culture
Member of the Expert Steering Committee for National Non-School Art Level Test Management of the Ministry of Culture
Member of Expert Committee of Comic and Animation Textbook Construction in Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture
Research Interests:
Animation thinking and animation creation
Academic Proposal:

The key to the creation of animation art is thinking, which involves the animation plays, noumenon features and aesthetic value of art language and directly affects the way of animation presentation: animated image, material, style, form, performance, etc. Thus, the core of both the creation and education of animation art is the animation thinking, which is key to the gate of animation art.

Major Publications:

On Animation Styling from the 'Recreated' the Monkey King, Language Features and Aesthetic Value of Animation Art, Chinese Auspicious Culture and the Olympic Mascot Design, Animation Styling, Animation Art Design, Introduction to Animation, Animation Styling and Animation Scene Design, Illustration Design

Main Works:

Comic strip The house with a Loft won the second prize of Painting Creation Prize of the Third National Comic Strips Award. Illustration Lifetime and comic strip Uncle Hobsbawm was selected into the Sixth and Seventh National Art Exhibition. 52-episode cartoon art design Educated Cat Teaching Chinese won the Gold Medal of Children's Programs of the Asian Federation of Radio and Television in 1989. 52-episode cartoon art design Powerpuff Monkey King.

2005, the design of the mascot "Fuwa" for Beijing Olympic Games 2008 (original and principal designer)

2006, the design of the mascot "Fu Niu Lele" for Beijing Paralympic Games 2008

2007, Outstanding Contribution Award for China Creative Industry in 2007

2008, Prize for Outstanding Contribution to China's Comics of the First China International Comics Festival

Academic Teaching:

Introduction to Animation Art:

This course introduces the features and aesthetic rules of different types of animation arts and comments on examples of elite animations home and abroad.


Animation Art Design:

This course is designed for the overall style of animation art, animation styling and design rules, animation background style and design methods. Students will be able to master the overall style of art design of animation, styling of specific characters, and rules, methods and formats of background design, and skillfully use these elements to make creative designs.


Design of Animation Periphery Products:

This course teaches the rules, procedures, and links of developing animation periphery products with practical case studies and good examples to guide and inspire students. Students will be able to preliminarily master the process, design elements, and skills of animation product design, understand the related technological requirements, and complete the design of prescriptive projects.


Creation of Modern Comics:

This course describes the main feature of modern comic creation --- use of rules of continuous narrative, so that students can master this basic language of art.


Animation Art Language:

This course mainly discusses animation art features and different animation styles in the world, describes the language and rules of animation expression, comments on different types of outstanding animation works home and abroad from the angles of artistic effects and producing technical material properties, and introduces the brief history of the animation art and the application and development trend of modern animation.