Zhu Hui

Associate Professor

Master of Fine Arts, Department of Information Art & Design, School of Fine Arts

Email Address: zhui@vip.163.com

Judge of Students Group, 2008 ACM SIGGRAPH

Director of SIGGRAPH China

Academic View: 

Development of science and technology enables animation art and broadens the meaning of animation. While animation calls for the active use of frontier technological achievements comprehensively, human feelings and thinking remain the core of animation.

Research Area:

Animation Images, Web-based Interactive 3D animation

Research Orientation:

1. Original animation images, multi-media development and applications

Technologies of new media provide animation with space for diversified development. Animated cartoons are not just made for children. In prophase of animated images, creative development is made, figures as well as scenes are set, and narrative is created in a way suitable for animation.

In animation creation, people are in constant pursuit of innovations and appropriate ways of animation creation that fit China’s animation technologies and funding.

In multi-media development, animation, images, 3D, interaction and the Internet are used comprehensively and exploration for the best model for expression is always ongoing .

Research Methods: artists, computer engineers and producers join together in the practice. They summarize, study, inspect, learn and then continue with the practice. Efforts should be made to explore the combination of conceptual art and new media technologies as well as the potential development for adult cartoons. However, what should be noted is that low-cost and sustainable development should be sought by making use of use of prophase designs with Chinese culture and current technologies as the foundation.

2. Cross-disciplinary platform-based animation education

It explores modes and methods of animation education under a cross disciplinary circumstance of art, technology and media.  Education research and project practices are carried out targeting the specific application of audio-visual languages, animation creations of the department of information art & design.

Academic Achievements:

Zhu Hui’s achievements mainly cover areas such as image education, academic research, designs and creations, etc.  She has made a series of short animations including 3D animations and 2D animations, among which original 3D animations as Circle of Life, Secret Circulation, Splitting-Up & Mingling were on show first in ISEA 2009 held in Northern Ireland, then in 798 New Media Art of Beijing and most recently in Beijing Art Fair in 2010. Fable of Hand, an original 2D short animation, was on show in the National Art Exhibition in 2009. Moreover, Zhu Hui has devoted herself to the study of web-based interactive 3D animation education.

In terms of video, she has also made communication film Unification of Knowledge & Life, a commemorative video for 50th anniversary of Tsinghua University.  Home was a short video shown in Shanghai Art Museum in 2004. Wind & Wave: Gulangyu, in which Zhu undertook scenario designs and acted as a member of the director group in 2002, won the award of Best Documentary in 9th Huabiao Film Awards.

She has published many papers in various conferences such as SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008, ISEA 2008, ISEA 2009, and college journal of Paris University as well as magazines. Besides, she has published several textbooks: Computer Color Basics, published by Higher Education Press in 2005; Scenario Design of Animation and Audio-Visual Language & Scenario Design, published by Tsinghua University Press in 2005 and 2009 respectively.

About Teaching:

Currently Zhu Hui teaches four courses for animation undergraduates including Audio-Visual Language, Prophase Design of Animation, Scenario Design of Animation, Animation Creation, etc. In addition, she undertook the teaching of other undergraduate courses such as Animation Techniques (3D Character Animation), Video Design & Design Making, Illustration Design, Postproduction of Video, Computer Design Basics, Multimedia design, etc.

Audio-Visual Language is a compulsory course for directors through which the audio-visual basics will be taught with an emphasis on the comprehensive use of audio and visual effects of videos.

Prophase Design of Animation is a course that introduces thinking modes and ways in prophase design of artistic animations and commercial animations. It stresses the individual initiative in artistic animation and prophase planning in commercial animation. As for teaching methods, instructing will be complemented with coaching. In the class, students will get to know how to find topics and how to explore ways of thinking of prophase design concepts, through which their ability to design and to express ideas in various ways will be cultivated.

Scenario Design of Animation is a course through which basics about animation scenarios and valuable experiences will be instructed with a great amount of examples to cultivate the students’ consciousness of scenarios and their ability to control rhythm and style.

Animation Creation is designed to train the students’ competence in practice by offering instruction in animation practice. In the meantime, the teacher will lead them to conduct a series of practices in a given semester and guide them to complete their graduation design or paper.