Zhang Mangmang

Zhang Mangmang, Associate Professor

Master of Fine Arts

Email Address: zmidesign@gmail.com


Part-time Work in Important Academic Organizations

Lecturer of Digital Art Design Basics, School of Distance Education, Beijing Institute of Technology


Research Orientation

His research is centered around users’ visual experience and barrier-free design methods for visual information under specific environment.

Academic View

Integration and reconstruction of information are based on the full understanding of environment, event and users. Visual information design has similar appeals in every area. Traditionally barrier-free designs mainly focus on the research on buildings, environmental hardware and public facilities, but on design of non-physical information that affects the users’ judgment and emotion, attention is not as much as barrier-free designs for hardware. However, the audiences of barrier-free visual information are not limited to the physically disabled targeted by traditional barrier-free designs but all human beings. Therefore, study of barrier-free visual information holds great significance for improving people’s living standards. Nowadays barrier-free designs for buildings and hardware facilities are increasingly homogeneous. Study on barrier-free designs for visual information will become the focus of research in this area.

Academic Achievements

Zhang Mang’s works include some of the most influential designs such as logo for Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, visual images for baseball field and archery field of 2008 Beijing Olympics. In a barrier-free research project supported by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission in Beijing, he conducted systematic investigation and analysis on the visual information designs of modern city’s public facilities and guidance system, elaborating on the function and roles of information designs from barrier-free perspectives.

Published Papers

1.Modular Design & Industrial Design, Decoration, Issue No.1, 1999

2.New Standard: An Introduction to Illustrator 8.0, Desktop Publishing, Issue No. 6, 1998

3.Research on Interface Design of Near Future Movable Information Equipment, Proceedings of Kobe Design University, March 2002

4.Application of Interface Design in Consumer Electronic Products, Digital Video & Visual Art, Beijing Conference of China-EU Cooperation Forum on Information Society, April 2002

5.On Integration of Public Facility Design of Beijing and Historic Cultural Environment, Proceedings of Asian Cultural Heritage Forum, 2005

6.Report on Barrier-free Facilities in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, 2006~2007

7.Building New Experiences for Environment Users, 2nd International Art-Science Exhibition & Forum, November 2006

8.Status Quo & Outlook of Barrier-free Designs in Beijing Urban Construction, Proceedings of International Universal Design Seminar 10th Session, by Japan Welfare City Building Association, July 2007

9.Universal Designs in Urban Life, 30+ (Special life edition of CEO & CIO Information Times), Issue No. 8, 2007

10.Barrier-free Designs of Visual Information, ZHUANGSHI, Issue No. 9, 2007

11.Practice & Exploration on Building Barrier-free Environment in Xicheng District of Beijing, Internal Documents for Beijing Xicheng Committee of Construction, 2008



Design Dictionary (writing part of the entries), Beijing University of Technology Press, January 2002



1.Beijing Exhibition of Barrier-free Designs, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, August 5 ~ 11, 2006, Military Museum

2.2nd International Art-Science Exhibition & Forum, Tsinghua University, November 11~25, 2006, Exhibition Hall in School of Fine Arts

3.50th Anniversary Exhibition of Tsinghua University, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, November 1~6, 2006, Multi-function Hall in School of Fine Arts

4.Special Exhibition of Project Designs for 29th Olympic Games, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University


Scientific Research Projects

1. Bus Shelter Design for Guangzhou City, funded by Guangzhou Bus Company, 2002~2003, Funds: RMB 150,000 yuan, Chief Designer

2. Art Design for Popular Science in Communities Project, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, October 2003~2004, Funds: RMB 100,000 yuan, Participant

3. Study on Visual Identification System of Bus Routes in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, November 2003~December 2004, Participant

4. Research on Barrier-free Designs in Xicheng District of Beijing, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, 2005~2006, Funds: RMB 50,000 yuan, Project Leader

5. Research on Visual Design for Indoor & Outdoor New Media, Beijing World Vision Consultation Co., Ltd, March 2010~January 2011, Project Leader

6. Interface Design for iCreate Home Media Users, Beijing Yifeng Vision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, March 2010~September 2010, Funds: RMB 80,000 yuan, Project Leader


Prizes & Honors

1.From 2002 to 2003, Zhang Mang joined Bus Shelter Design in Guangzhou City, a scientific research project, which became an informationization model for Guangzhou City and was granted 4 national patents. The design works have been produced in mass production and are still in use in Tianjin and neighboring cities of Guangzhou.

2.Zhang participated in the scientific research project of Study on Visual Identification System of Bus Routes in Beijing between November 2003 and December 2004.

3.Zhang led the Research on Barrier-free Designs in Xicheng District of Beijing, which was part of a scientifc research project entitled Research on Barrier-free Designs in Beijing City. Research was carried out in four pilot areas in Xicheng District, which were Xicheng Service Center for the Physically Disabled, Beijing Hospital for Senior Citizens, Yuetan Park, Zhenwumiao Community respectively.

4.Zhang took part in Beijing Urban Furniture Design competition and won prize in 2006.

5. Zhang won the prize of Best Class Teacher in military training of Grade 2008 on September 13, 2008.

6. Zhang won the second prize for Excellent Educational Software in November 2008.

7. Zhang was awarded for Fine Arts School’s Best Performance Individual in Beijing Olympics & Paralympics in December 2008.

8. Zhang was engaged in designing road signs in Chaoyang District of Beijing City and won Organization Excellence Prize.


About Teaching

Zhang Mang currently teaches two courses including Visual Design and Interface Design, which are designed to train the students’ information recognition and ability to express in the area of information design. What is underlined in both courses is that students be encouraged to analyze the behavior and psychological models of users and to improve user experience in terms of visualization and interaction.