Cheng Xiangjun

Cheng Xiangjun,

Associate Professor, Department of Arts & Crafts, Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua Universit


Academic Memberships:

Deputy Director of Lacquer Painting Committee in the Chinese Artists Association

Director of Lacquer Art Committee in the Chinese Arts and Crafts Artists Association


Research Area:

The expression language of Chinese lacquer painting art


Academic Assertion:

It’s a question worth thinking about that how deeply the newborn Chinese lacquer painting art penetrates into a modern society where technology and media are developing so quickly. This excellent traditional lacquer culture with over seven thousand years of history has established a solid foundation for Chinese lacquer painting to form its own system. To improve the visual aesthetics of Chinese lacquer painting, we need to analyze our traditions with a scientific and objective attitude, maintain their features and combine them with contemporary aesthetics in a diverse culture when we pursue the truth, value and beauty in these works.


Academic Achievements:

1. Works collected by National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art, and Art Museum of Taegu University in Korea; institutional and private collections in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, South Korea, etc.

2. Exhibitions: Cheng Xiangjun Lacquer Painting Exhibition in National Art Museum of China in 1994, Cheng Xiangjun Recent Works Exhibition in National Art Museum of China in 1998, and the 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th National Arts Exhibition (won third place at the last one) and Art Accomplishment Exhibition for the 60th Anniversary of PRC (won Best Work Award).

3. Writings: Complete Works of Chinese Contemporary Art, Lacquer Painting Volume, Vice Chief Editor, People’s Arts Publishing House, 1996;

Lacquer Painting Skills, People’s Arts Publishing House, 2008;

Best Chinese Lacquer Paintings, People’s Arts Publishing House


Art Judge:

Juror in the 10th and 11th National Arts Exhibition; Juror in International Art and Crafts Competition in Chongju, South Korea; Juror in the 1st National Lacquer Paintings Exhibition