Guan Donghai

Guan Donghai,
Associate Professor
Deputy Director, Department of Arts & Crafts
Academic Memberships:
Director of the Glass Art Workshop of the Department of Arts & Crafts, of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University
Member of the American Glass Art Society
Member of the Beijing Watercolor Association
Research Area:
Glass art research
Academic Propositions:

Although glass art started late in China,  we have achieved a lot through efforts of more than ten years in developing workshop facilities, courses and teaching materials, talent cultivation and academic exchange. The courses include glass blowing, kiln-glass, decoration glass, blown glass lamps and so on, and cover major glass molding techniques. We made use of the abundant experiences from abroad, and worked hard to produce excellent works. Our glass workshops are now highly appreciated by counterparts at home and abroad

Academic Achievements:
Teaching Material: Glass-Blowing Skills, Liaoning Art Publishing House, 2006;

Glass Work: “Seven Swords”, selected into the 11th National Arts Exhibition;

Watercolor work: “Old Factory Building”, winning the Quiney Prize of RBSA

Watercolor work: “Little Courtyard” won the Daler Rowney Prize of RBSA;

Watercolor work: “Afternoon Series” selected in the 9th and 10th National Arts Exhibition

Academic Teaching:
Glass blowing glass, kiln glass, decoration glass