Lin Lecheng

Lin Lecheng,Professor
Director, Department of Arts & Crafts
Academic Positions:

Managing Director of China Arts and Crafts Society

Member of Fashion Design Art Committee of China Artists Association

Judge of the Fifth Arts and Crafts Masters

President of Fiber Arts Commission of China Arts and Crafts Society

Curator of International Fiber Art Biennial Exhibition: “From Lausanne to Beijing”

Research Interest:
Fiber Art Teaching and Research
Academic Propositions:

Fiber art is constantly referred to as the warmest art in modern architecture, and its unique techniques, rich texture and profound cultural heritage convey a kind of modern ideal and attitude towards life. The works of fiber are full of natural elements and hand-made charm, evoking a deep feeling of nature,  eliminating to a certain extent the sense of apathy and monotony, and retaining humanness in the modern life where hard materials are extensively used. Fiber art teaching and research should be a cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary interaction oriented towards the globe, the communities, the market and beyond.

Academic Achievements:

“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” won the Silver Medal in the Ninth National Art Exhibition in 1999

“Day and Night, High Mountains and Long Rivers” won Award of Excellence in International Art and Science Exhibition in 2001

“High Mountains and Flowing Water” won the Award for Outstanding Work in the Tenth National Art Exhibition in 2004

“Mystery” won an award in the First National Mural Exhibition in 2004

“Such Smoothness” won the Award for Outstanding Work in Beijing Olympic Fiber Arts Exhibition in 2008

“Traveling Streams” won Gold Medal in Chinese Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 2008

Silver Medal of 2008 China Design Contribution in Guanghua Dragon Award in 2008.

Display Award in Second National Mural Exhibition in 2009


Below are major domestic and international projects completed since 2000:

Large needlepoint wall paintings named Motherland displayed in Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Magnificent Mountains and River and Golden Great Wall displayed in CPC Central Committee General Office

Fiber Art entitled Eastern Civilization, Light of Civilization in Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York and Houston,

Fiber Art entitled The Sound of Heaven in Microsoft Asian Research Institute

Fiber Art entitled Clouds Chasing the Moon in IBM China Research Innovation Institute

Fiber Art entitled High Mountains and Long Rivers in the teaching building of Academy of Arts & Design

Large Fiber Art Research and Applications projects.

Academic Teaching:

Fiber Art, Creativity and Performance.