Tang Xuxiang

Tang Xuxiang

Full-time Positions: 

Professor, doctoral supervisor, director of Jewelry Studio of Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University

Academic Positions:

Judge member of Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters

Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Traditional Art and Craft Association

Deputy Director of China's Jewelry Design Committee 

Research Interest:

Traditional metal art and craft, and modern jewelry art.

Academic Propositions:

His teaching philosophy is to learn from the tradition and incorporate contemporary ideas. Through studying Chinese traditional metal craft and exploring modern art and design, he endeavors to establish a teaching system and a theoretical research platform of metal jewelry at Academy of Art & Design at Tsinghua University. In the process of teaching and research, he provides students accesses both to traditional and contemporary information.

Academic Achievements:

In 2005, he won the silver medal with the work Coffee Ware combining art and craft design in the National Tenth Fine Art Exhibition. Plenty of works have been exhibited, awarded and collected at home and abroad.

In 2003, he published a volume entitled The Complete Chinese Folk Art Works –Jewelry Volume authorized by the General Administration of Press and Publication and won first prize in art book division--the top prize of the National Book Expo. In 2010, he published a hardcover book named Chinese Traditional Jewelry containing two volumes. In the field of jewelry, the book is by far a complete and professional collection, giving detailed explanation of Chinese traditional jewelry and traditional metal craft. It features colorful pictures and detailed analysis of the cultural background and techniques involved.

In terms of academic research, he hosted many national and regional research projects, such as Metal Forging Process Investigation and Comprehensive Study, a knowledge innovation project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Changdu-Tibetan Metal Techniques, a Qipai Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Fund Project of Art and Science Research Center of Tsinghua University.

Over years, he led post-graduates to investigate Chinese traditional metal craft and cultural anthropology, and supervised them to complete dissertations including “Learn Bai Meta Technology from Regional Culture Characteristics”, “Guizhou Miao Silver Jewelry Culture”, “Karma Tibetan Jewelry Culture”, “Aesthetic Content of Hole Modeling Language in Shidong Miao Silver Jewelry and Embroidery Art”, “Dai Jewelry Culture”, “Changdu Tibetan Buddhist Sculpture Forging Process and so forth”.

Academic Teaching:

Modern Jewelry, Metal Craft,