Wang Jianzhong

Wang Jianzhong

Professor, doctoral supervisor

Academic Positions:

Vice Chairman of China Daily Glass Association

Deputy Secretary General of China Arts and Crafts Society

Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Ceramic Society

Vice Chairman of Decorative Art and Ceramics Committee of China Building Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Association

Member of Committee on Standards of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

Research Interests:

Arts and Crafts Innovation Research, Glass and Ceramic Arts and Crafts, Artistic Creation and Theoretical Research

Academic Propositions:

General and profound knowledge is the source of innovation, and interdisciplinary and accessible aesthetic consciousness is also indispensable for innovation. Academic research is no easy job, and therefore requires a peaceful state of mind, prudence, and practical work. Only in this way can achievements be made in creation and innovation.

In addition to the passion for academic research, a heart as pure as the glass and perseverance are also needed. The creative and innovative expressions not only mirror the amount of knowledge, but also reflect the depth and abundance of experience. Thus, art designers must remain diligent and think continuously.

Academic Achievements:


International Ceramics Design published by Beijing Arts and Crafts Press in 1991

Dark-Red Enameled Teapot Production Techniques published by Beijing Arts and Crafts Press in1994.

Cizhou Kiln published by Two Yuen Society, Japan in 2004

Glass Art published by Heilongjiang Fine Arts Publishing House in 2004

Modern World Glass Art published by Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House in 2004 

Exhibitions and Seminars:

Ceramic works called Cold Coffee Ware were selected into the Ninth National Art Exhibition in 1999

Glass works named State 2000 was selected into the Tenth National Art Exhibition in 2004

Glass work Snow Lotus was selected by Harmony by Nine International Exchange Exhibition[2]  in 2005.

Glass work Window was selected into Exhibition of Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and Harmony by Nine[3]  in 2006

Autumn Wind Surprises the Leaves was selected into Kunming International Folk Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 2006

Snow Flying among Bamboo Wood was selected into South Korea, China, and Japan International Exchange Exhibition in 2006.

Work and Life was selected into “Tradition and Fashion” and the Second China Contemporary Handicrafts Academy Exhibition and Forum.

Murals Dunhuang Music and Dance are displayed in Office of the Commissioner of Chinese Foreign Ministry in the Macao Special Administration Region.

Glass murals Brilliant Four Great Inventions are displayed in Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in New York.

Glass sculpture The Wind of Qi is displayed in Zibo Railway Station Square.

Ceramics work Eternity Series is collected by Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

Ceramics work Ancient Rhyme--Etched Red Iron Pot is collected by National Museum of China.

Ceramics work Cold Coffee Wares is collected by Icheon World Ceramics Center[4] .

Ceramic work Red Lotus is collected by Korea Anseong Ceramic Museum

Recent Achievements:

Art Project of National Social Science Fund: the Research of World Glass Art History

Project of Qipai the Intangible Cultural Heritage Research and Protection Fund of Art and Science Research Center of Tsinghua University:

Research of Promotion of Chinese ceramic glaze of Shanxi and Shangdang Ceramic Glaze Development

Art and Social Science Project of Tsinghua University: Research of Glass Art Teaching Methodology

Academic Teaching:

Postgraduate Courses:

Decorative Art, Glass Art

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Glass Art (History), Glass Art Creation , Art of Glass Blowing, Glass Art Design, Kiln Glass Art, Decorative Glass Art, Chinese Porcelain History, Foundation of Shapes, Ceramic Art and Design