Wang Xiaoxin

Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Head of Metal Art Studio

Other Professional Positions:

Deputy Secretary-general of the Professional Committee of Metal Arts under the China Arts and Crafts Association

Member of Traditional Jewelry Committee of Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China

Member of China National Arts and Crafts Society

Member of China Sculpture Institute

Member of Shanghai Jewelry Design Society

Research Area:

Collaborative and innovative study on the new creation technology and traditional arts and crafts

Academic Viewpoint:

The application of digital technology represented by 3D printing further expands the space for designing arts and crafts, and lays an important foundation for applying new concepts, such as duplicate elements, dynamic fusion, material replacement and disordering, in practices. As an advanced mechanical process, 3D printing reflects the harmony between human and nature, the tolerance for imperfections, the display of processes and the release of sensibility in the practices of arts and crafts. It contains the aesthetic essence of handicrafts in the contemporary cultural structure. The development of 3D printing will gradually realize the inclusiveness of individual labor, the universalization of art design and the privatization of public aesthetic appreciation in the field of arts and crafts, which creates an important opportunity for handicrafts and mechanical crafts to jointly break the barriers and to achieve harmonious integration.


Fundamental Course of Metalwork, Introduction to Metal Art, Patterns and Decorations, Gold Casting Process Design, The Art of Gold Casting, Gold Casting Process, Foundry Art, The Art of Modern Decoration, Social Practices, Metal Art, Comprehensive Project Training, Professional Investigation, Comprehensive Dissertation Training and Graduation Design, Decorative Sculpture, Professional Practices, etc.

Major Awards:

2016: Silver Award of “The 3rd Zijin Award Cultural Creative Design Competition” in 2016

2015: Silver Award of “2015 Milan World Expo China-Italy International Jewellery Design Competition of China-Italy Joint Pavilion”

2015: Honorable Mention of “The 5th National Tourism Souvenir Design Competition”

2015: Excellent Works of “Warm of Craftsmanship - the 8th China Modern Handicrafts Art School Exhibition”

2013: Bronze Award of “Transboundary and Experiment – 2013 Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition”

2011: Gold Award of “Interaction and Innovation - 2011 International Metal Art Exhibition”

2009: Award Nomination of “The 11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China”