Wang Xiaoyi

Wang Xiaoyi, Lecturer

Wang Xiaoyi obtained his B.A. from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Xi'an University of Petroleum. From 1984 to 1989, he worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the China Equipment Integration Co., Ltd. as an assistant engineer, and was involved in the integration of American-made screw-drilling equipment and the establishment of the first production lines of screw-drilling equipment.

In February 1992, he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of the Central Academy of Craft Art, earning his Master of Arts degree; in the same year, he decided to stay and continue working in the Department of Industrial Design.


Research Orientation:

Relationship between the sustainable ways of life and design ethics


Research Opinion:

How we can understand design in a meaningful way is very important. Taking a careful look at the history of human civilization and studying the evolutionary as well as the maturing process of classical antiquities, the following conclusion can be made: the creation of these classical antiquities require three conditions being met at the same time: good natural conditions, favorable geographical location, and a civilized group of people to create them. Only those antiquities which are beneficial to life, practical, applicable, skillfully made, amiable, of superior quality, and harmonious and rhythmic with cultural concepts will be passed down from generation to generation. The laws and concepts it follows are embodied in itself, and are also passed down, accumulating abundant resources for our present designs.

From its initial conceptual idea to every detail found in its application, all behaviors of design are decided by human beings themselves. They are all manipulated for the purpose of fulfilling a final goal. The selection of form, purpose, function, materials, technology, and final evaluation all follow the rules of the games humans make. Consequently, it is humanity’s responsibility to bear all the consequences thereof.

The ability of humanity to distinguish and create such physical articles comes from nature. With this ability, human endow articles with various meanings and a deeper level of meaning. The history of human existence lays truth to the saying: "Heaven and Earth coexist with me, and everything is one with me." This is an ideal state: human cannot live without nature, and must regenerate nature. Being one of humanity's creations, the practice of art design should also follow the moral and ethical norms that conform to the universal system of ethics.


Academic Achievements:

Examining how nature and the thought process of design ethics coexist and clash, commencing research on how they affect the formation and development, present and future of art design, and proposing the direction the development of this field will take. Research achievements, as well as my personal theories have been collected in the following books: New Ethics of Art Design, Design Sketch, New Design-Industrial Design, Line Drawing Method for Figures (coauthored with Huang Shifang), Domestic and Foreign Copper Doors & Window Molding (coauthored with Huang Shifang). Additionally, there are also the following academic articles: Influence on Design Conception in Information Age, Creation of Exquisite, Opinion of Nature in Design, Design Philosophy of Proth, Design Appreciation, First Exploration for Design Quotation, Industrial Design and New Technological Revolution, Metal Art and Technology Discussion. In the spare time allotted by daily teaching and research, I also have done some research into the art of modeling, issuing a few articles in specialized journals including: Rhyme of Comprehension, Continuous Creation, The Beauty of Fire and Metalwork, Beautiful Sceneries of Writing.

Works showcased in the following exhibitions:

"Decorations", the Art Design Exhibition held for commemorating the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

“Lights”, the 1st Art and Science Exhibition

“Decorations", the Show China–Exhibition of China Arts Treasures sponsored by the Information Office of the State Council.

“Stationery”, the (commemorating the 45th Anniversary of its founding) 90th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University



Mechanical Drafting, Materials and Technologies, Expression of Three-dimensional Design, Metal Technologies, Lighting Design