Wang guosheng

Associate Professor

Master’s Degree

Master’s Supervisor

Research area: 

Service Design and Design Strategy

Academic Viewpoint:

Given the global development of networking, Web 2.0 (a public information platform based on open source) has become a concept and philosophy widely recognized by the new generation, playing an irreversible role in various fields. The sprouting and flourishing of Service Design following the concept of System Design is drawing attention from the world's leading design institutes, design studios, and governments. The strong demand for a service economy and public services has changed Service Design into the focal point in the field of design around the globe. Many universities have successively established teaching systems for Service Design. Others, like RCA, are actively preparing for the teaching of Service Design.

Academic Achievements:

Since 2000, he has been concentrating on researching the trend and methods of information product designs, and has accumulated rich experience in design projects and consultation in the field of mobile communication in China. He has accumulated abundant knowledge and experience in the IT industry chain (especially the communication industry) through visiting Europe, Japan, Korea and other places for many times. At the same time, he has established good partnerships with some domestic and foreign companies, including MOTO, Alcatel, Philips, Siemens, NEC, Haier, Konka, TCL and Lenovo. For Philips, he has designed the first flip phone Philips 630 worldwide, which has reached the sales of more than 3 million.

He once served as the general secretary of CIPD of the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA). From 2007 to 2008, he went to the University of Cincinnati in the US as a visiting scholar and mainly studied on the research of Design Strategy and Service Design. He was the winner of the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award.

Service Design written by Prof. Wang Guosheng was published in 2012 by China Architecture & Building Press.

In November 2012, He delivered a speech with the theme of “Humanistic Factor in Service” for dissertation presentation of Doctoral Dissertation Conference at the School of Design of Carnegie Mellon University.



1. Teaching and Courses for Undergraduates: Industrial Design 101, Introduction to Ergonomics, Design Engineering, Professional Project Training, Product Design (I), Product Design (III), and Bachelor's Thesis and Graduation Project

2. Teaching and Courses for Postgraduates: 1) Research on Information Product Design Trend; 2) Service Innovation and Service Design Research. He is dedicated to the interdisciplinary teaching for postgraduates in combination of industry, universities, and research institutes. The courses, involving the “X-Lab” of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, have achieved good results and explored a new way for the training of postgraduate students majoring in Design.