Yang Lin

Yang Lin

August 1983–September 1987: instructor at the Airmen Department of the Beijing Air Force Commanders University

October 1987 to present: working at the Industrial Design School of Tsinghua University’s Fine Arts College         

March 1994–February 1995: visiting fellow at the Production and Design Unit at the University of Tsukuba (Japan)

July 1997–December 1997: visiting fellow at the Production and Design Unit at the Tohoku University of Art and Design (Japan)

June 2002–June 2005: Director of Educational Administration Office of Tsinghua University’s Fine Arts

Associate Professor    Graduate Supervisor

Direction of research: planning of product design and development


Academic proposition:

As far as industrial design goes, we strongly emphasize, “product design is one of the main methods with which we can create more rational lifestyles”. When investigating people’s lifestyles, we approach from the viewpoint of product design to understand the application, form and performance of a product. By grasping the knowledge of a product via factors such as its element, form, material, structure, craft, technology, price and intended market, we analyze, select, design and evaluate said product. The bulk of my research focuses on the whole process of planning and implementation of a product design, while fulfilling the strict prerequisites of ensuring work guarantees, production standards, quality standards and market access.

In the research of product design and development, I use a systematical and theoretical approach in analyzing various factors such as “human, product and environment,” and express the key ideas and main content of product design and development in a systemized form. The aim is to aid product designers and developers to have a deep understanding of the work process and integrate as many resources as possible to ensure the development and success of the final design.


Academic achievements:

Planning of Product Design and Development, published in 2005 (compiler)

One national patent of invention: fingerprint IC module packaging technology

Four national new practical usage patents

30 national external design patents

Being awarded twice the China “Red Star” award for innovative design



Planning of Product Design and Development

Systematic Design (the application of system theories to product design)

Human Engineering