Huang Yan

Huang Yan


Doctoral Supervisor

Academic Positions:

Visiting scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Member of Institute of Interior Design of Architectural Society of China (CIID)


Research Interests:

Systematicness and sustainability of environment landscape


Academic Proposition:

My academic interests include landscape planning, interior design and artistic planning. In recent years, I became more concerned about the ecological and economic factors, as well as lighting, plants and geomantic omens associated with the environment. I tried to combine my architectural knowledge with traditional and modern art tastes, demonstrating them in design works. And I also worked on obscuring the boundaries between disciplines, building interdisciplinary and cross-cultural framework, and combining theory with practice to deal with the challenges resulted from rapid urbanization and economic development.


In academic research, influenced by the ideas of ecological civilization, I sought to introduce the concepts of ecological history and ecological physics, treat the landscape system as the a city's basic resources, services and mediums, and create a sophisticated and relatively stable system to support economic and cultural development of the city and to equip the research with cultural, ecological and economic significances. Therefore, we need to reconsider the reality and continue to promote the relationships between tradition and innovation as well as between knowledge and creation.


Specifically, we try to adapt landscape system that is based on ecological physics to the challenges of sustainable development, such as landscape and urban patterns for sustainable development, and to retain the landscapes’ cultural, ecological and spiritual meanings. The main purposes of my research are to find out how to, through rebuilding our physical environment, rebuild our spiritual home, a reasonable ecological structure, and a balanced development of landscape art and ecology.


Academic Achievement:

From 1996 to 2010, I independently published the following books including Manual for Artistic Furnishings Designer, China Architecture and Building Press, 2010; Introduction to Environmental Art Design, China Youth Press, 2007; Lighting Art and Design, China Youth Press, 2007; Interior Green Design, China Architecture and Building Press, 2008; 5 other books and 2 translated works. I also participated in preparing two versions of Interior Design Encyclopedia (China Architecture and Building Press, 1996), and published on my own 29 papers on various professional journals covering art design of landscape, interior furnishings, and art collection and appreciation. Many of these papers and design works had won awards and prizes. For example, Living in Art: Art Collections and Art Display, won  Excellence Award in 2007 Changsha Annual Conference & International Academic Exchange Workshops of Institute of Interior Design of Architectural Society of China (CIID); Reception Hall of Chinese Academy of Sciences, designed for the 1stNational Interior Design Exhibition, won Silver Medal in 1996; my design in the 2nd National Interior Design Exhibition won Bronze Medal in 1998; the renovation project of reception hall of Beijing Municipal Government won bronze medal in the 9th National Fine Art Exhibition in 1999; Zhongguancun Science and Technology Building won Excellence Prize in the 3rd National Interior Design Exhibition in 2000; interior design of Beijing Headquarters of Boao Forum for Asia won bronze medal in the 4th National Interior Design Exhibition in 2002; and my paper On Design of Humanistic Open Space and Environment won the third prize on the 1st PhD Forum of Tsinghua University in 2002.


Designs in recent years include: Image Design and Sub-project Planning for City Axis Project in Xiangshan County, Ningbo Municipality, 2010; City Image Planning and Design of Dalu New District of Zhungeer County, 2009; Planning for Tourism Landscape of Yellow River Grand Canyon in Zhungeer County, Inner Mongolia, 2008; Planning and Design of Eco-tourism Landscape in Nuanshui Village, Inner Mongolia, 2009; and Landscape Design of Anding Landfill Area in Beijing, 2009 and so on.


Academic Teaching:

Landscape design, water landscape and green design, display art and design, graduation