Liu Beiguang

Liu Beiguang 


Master Supervisor 

Academic Positions:

Vice-Chairman of Korean Association for Green Campus Initiative

Senior Member of Japan Interior Design Association

Senior Member of Japan Huandi Association

Curator of Red Orchid Cultural and Artistic Development Co., Ltd.


Research Direction:

Chinese, Japanese and South Korean designing culture research


Academic Proposition:

As the global economy, culture and art develop so greatly, oriental culture is beginning to exert greater influence on the world, and China’s culture and art have attracted attention of different countries. China, Japan and South Korea have rich cultural and artistic contents as well as unique respective .

The Chinese, Japanese and South Korean design culture have a profound influence on Asia and other regions in the world. Therefore, it is of great significance to analyze and research on their cultures and integrate them. It’s a subject in need of in-depth research, and would enhance and promote researches on social structure, literature and art of different countries. As a result, we analyzed and summarized the features and differences of these three countries, and identified the advantages of their cultures and arts. This would improve the contemporary people’s life quality and living environment. 


Academic Achievements:

1.  Tama Art University International Artistic Designing Exchange Exhibition 

In July, 2009, Tama Art University in Japan held an international artistic designing exchange exhibition. It collected the works of graduates from art and design universities of the world and works of undergraduate of Tama Art University as well. It presented the different understandings of western and eastern countries under different cultural backgrounds on living habits, and created a platform to exchange the arts and designs created based on these understandings.  

2. New Expression of Oriental Culture

In 2009, in the cultural exchange activity “New Expression of Oriental Culture” held in Seoul, South Korea, our work reflected the cultural profoundness with our design of urban architecture. The inspiration of this design is to present the cultural integration of man and society and integration of man and city in modern life through the special form and language of architecture.。

This research program deepened the knowledge students from various countries on Chinese, Japanese and South Korean design cultures, and promoted more exchanges among people, as well as between people and objects in society.

This exchange program has been highly appreciated by different walks of society, and it’s hoped that more cultural exchanges can be arranged in the future.


Academic Teaching:

Interior design, construction drawing design, material and structure, interior design research