Liang Wen

Liang Wen

Associate Professor, Deputy Director, Department of Environmental Art Design


Research Interest:

Modern and Contemporary Design Philosophy

Research on Design Theories

Research on Architecture and Decoration Culture


Academic Proposition:

Design teaching and theories research are faced with an unprecedented complication, with the rapid development of modern technologies on one side, and the complexity of our times on the other. Western design philosophy and theories are based on modern humanities—philosophy, sociology, anthropology and psychology have been influencing the development of design theories and practice. Compared with western countries, research on China’s modern design still remains on the surface. Design teaching has been based on western theories for a long time. Therefore, when we encounter a problem with local culture and region involved, western philosophy and theoretical system don't usually fit well. So, how can China’s design develop? What kind of design philosophy and theories can help China’s design teaching and practice? Shall we develop and establish our own system based on western philosophy and theoretical system? Or shall we reexamine our own culture and come up with our own design philosophy and theories? These are the problems we have to face. Design is becoming more complex today, and the essence hidden in these diversified representation is the philosophy that we need to come up with and research.


Academic Achievements:

Awards: “Series Courses on Environmental Designing Basis” has won the title of Quality Course of Tsinghua University

Works: “Architectural Decoration”      

“Advanced Residence”

“Design for China—Overseas Architecture and China Contemporary Architecture”


Academic Teaching:

Basics of Architectural Design, Architectural Decoration, and Landscape Design