Nie Ying

Nie Ying

Associate Professor



Research Interest:

Design review and design planning


Academic Proposition:

The healthy development of the design industry must have at least two excellent professional teams. One consists of excellent designers, and the other of excellent design reviewers. Currently in China’s design industry, designers and reviews are of different qualities, and it is in urgent need to improve the quality of reviewers. For many people, even if they are engaged in design review, they don’t analyze problems from the perspectives of designers and design works. Instead, they review from the exterior to the interior, and it’s hard for them to give a constructive opinion to the design and designers. Just like artistic design, reviews can also be made from different aspects. Therefore, according to the status quo of China design industry, we need to explore both the development of design industry, and our country’s cultural development from the perspectives of design and designers.

As the design industry develops, its connection with different industries grows. We will find more and more projects in which “shaping” or “aesthetics” are no longer the major focus. Instead, social, economic and cultural demands become more essential in the decision-making of design. This requires design teaching and research institutes to expand their own academic domain, and join the mainstream of industrial development. Design planning belongs to this field.


Academic Achievements:

1. Monograph City of Option, China Building Materials Industry Press, published in July, 2007.

2. Monograph The Lost Local Designers in China, Hebei Arts Press, June, 2002

3. “Thoughts on ‘Paper Writing’ Course of Environmental Art Department”, published on Decoration, 4th volume, 2009.

4. “Beijing --- City of Option”, published on Volume 5 of Tsinghua Arts, November, 2007.

5. “Moment in Time--- Space-Time Outlook of China Traditional Architecture”, published on Volume 6 of Arts and Science, October, 2007.

6. “Steering of Option”, published on Decoration, the 7th, 2007.

7. “Technical Revolution and Designing Thought Revolution”, published on Decoration, the 3rd, 2006.

8. “Social Function of Craftsman’s Skills”, published on Special Edition of  Decoration for the Academy’s 50th Anniversary, November, 2006.

9. “Stranger in Metropolis”, published on Collection of Teachers’ Papers at the Academy’s 50thAnniversary, November, 2006.

10. “Kublai Khan’s Khanbaliq”, published on Decoration, 3rd volume, 2005.

11. “Disillusion of “Illusion””, published on Decoration, 12th volume, 2003.

12. “Introspection of Architects”, Journal of Architecture, 8th volume, 2000.

13. “Discussion on Regional Cultural Expression of Interior Design from Chongqing Hall of the Great Hall of the People”, Journal of Architecture, 6th volume, 1999.

14. “Return”, Residence and Design, 6th /7th volume, 2007.

15. “Frank·Gary: To Overturn your Imagination”, Fashion Home Furnishing, the 7th volume,2002.

16. “Paul Andreu, General Designer of China National Grand Theater: I Won’t Be Slaved by Style”, Fashion Home Furnishing, 3rd volume, 2002.

17. “Rem Koolhaas, Legend of One Person”, Fashion Home Furnishing, 12th volume, 2001


Academic Teaching:

Thesis writing, gardening base, history of landscape gardening, graduation design and paper, and environmental art appreciation