Su Dan


Su Dan Professor

Master’s degree, Master Supervisor, Vice Dean.


Academic Positions:

President of Environmental Art Council at Tsinghua University; Director of Interior Design Council in China Artists Committee; Member of Visual Design Council in ICAD; Member of Interior Design Council in China Architectural Committee.


Research Interests:

Modern education in design

Appreciation of modern art design

Modern creative industries


Academic Propositions:

Finding a proper way to foster the new generation is the main focus of the research on modern education in design. New system of modern education in design should be established in accordance with the times.

Internal logic in modern design and art is related to the research of appreciation of modern art and design, and the spirit of innovation is the soul of modern design as well as the way to resolve these problems in design.

Recently, we've made a great step forward in modern creative industries as our projects are carried out in most cities in China, and it's the prelude for the revival of letters. However, we still need to discuss the problems to find a new way out.


Academic Achievements:

1.Design practices

Project of reviving industrial heritage in 1895, Nantong.

Visual and interior design for Hefeng creativity square in Ningbo.

Visual design for Qianmen street in Beijing.

Artistic consultant for Huadian group.

Interior design for public space in the Olympic park.

Project design for Huairou town in Beijing.

Project design for the theme park in Kailuan pit.

2.Academic activities: 

Oct 2009, member in International Olympic Design Committee in Seoul.

Nov 2009, inspector of education of environmental art in Harebin and Shenyang.

Dec 2009, chairman of the meeting of China Interior Design in Beijing.

Dec 2009, organizer of the communication between China and Europe artists.

3.Theoretical research:

Thesis: Designs Lacking Seriousness, Art Observation Feb 2008.

Thesis: Environmental Design, Decoration, Nov 2005.

Book publication: Advanced Residence, China water power press, Sep 2008.


1989-2009 Outstanding Designer of China Interior Design in the Past 20 Years.

Bronze medal at the Eleventh China Arts Exhibition.

5.Important project:

Consultation service of art management in Anfu edifice, lateral. Mar 2006-2009, 31,700,000 RMB

Project of environmental visual design for Qianmen street. Sep 2006-Dec 2006, 543,750 RMB

System of environmental art design and urban visual construction. Apr 2003-Dec 2004, self-financed by the state.

Interior design for the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in South Africa, Aug 2009-Aug 2010, 263,500 RMB.

Project of reviving industrial heritage in 1895, Nantong, Aug 2009-Aug 2011, 800,000 RMB.

Research on environmental art design for the construction of a new country. Oct 2008-Dec 2010. 72,000 RMB.


Academic Teaching:

Undergraduate courses: Architectural form; Architectural design; Graduation project

Postgraduate courses: Appreciating of modern art; Modern art and design; the form of sight.