Song Limin

Song Limin


Academic Posts:

Doctoral and master supervisor, director of Art Training Center.

Member of Environmental Design Council in China Artists Committee

Member of Beijing Aquarelle Committee


Research Interest:

urban landscape art design


Academic Propositions:

Urban landscape design involves both art design and architecture design, and its research findings are useful for the construction and development of cities in China.

China is in the process of urbanization, and art design will certainly promote the comprehensive quality of cities. Traditional urban design always begins with programming, and then turns to architecture and engineering. But nowadays, based on the theory of sustainable development, environmental design has become an important element of city's development. Design of the city image has also become a challenge in this background.


Academic Achievements:

1.Teaching material: Visual Landscape Design, by Song Limin and Xie Mingyang. China architecture press, 2007.

2.Thesis: The Urbanization of China and Environmental Art Design, Decoration, 2005.

3.Thesis: Courtesy and Environmental Design, Decoration, 2007.

4.Project for Ministry of Education: Environmental Design and Visual Art in China, 2004, project for humanities in Ministry of Education.

5.Project for the state: Environmental Ecology of Art Design, 2005, art design project for the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

6.Teaching material: Environmental Art Design, textbook for higher education, 2005.

7.Project: Visual design for Xiangshan Town in Ningbo,2010

8.Project: Urban design for New Dalu District in Zhungeer,2010


Academic Teaching:

Undergraduate course: Landscape survey

Postgraduate course: Urban design