Tu Shan

Tu Shan, Senior Engineer

Master of Arts

Academic Positions:

Member of China Interior Architect Association


Research Interest:

Integrated design education research


Academic Proposition:

With rapid development of communication technology, many physical boundaries have become blurred. As a result, cultural and product exchange and capital flow can almost arrive at every corner of the world immediately. Space is compressed, and time seems to be extended. Students can easily get access to a great deal of information beyond classroom just by clicking the computer mouse. In this magic generation,we shall not be just an institute that spreads knowledge. Instead, it shall be a huge server and working station to deal with huge and frequent information exchange and sharing so as to become a platform for information communication and accumulation of different aspects. Contemporary design is not the application of scattered knowledge, instead, it’s the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge and designers’ experiences. Therefore, I tried to create a course to help students learn more effectively by making their own study plan, so that they can form own opinions, collect and integrate information and knowledge, cope with the complex problems of the times, and come up with an interdisciplinary answer. As a result, this kind of research should include professional skill training, and more importantly, development of students’ ability to learn and their ability of creatively using knowledge to deal with the great changes of the times. To achieve such educational purposes, methods such as creative group teaching, integration of existent designing courses, introduction of new courses, inclusion of interdisciplinary subjects, and the cooperation with studios should be adopted to create a new teaching system. We should focus on the latest development of science and technology, especially information sharing and environmental changes, and supplement today’s teaching with them. The research attempts to establish a strategy to promote cooperation and the connection among key subjects, which helps the teaching of students of different levels as well so that they can finally realize the philosophy on epistemology.


Academic Achievements:

Award of “National Excellent Middle-aged and Young Interior Architect”, China Architecture & Decoration Association

“National Excellent Interior Designer in Interior Decoration Industry”, China Interior Decoration Association

“China’s Excellent Hotel Designer”, China Architecture & Decoration Association

1. Representative Works:

Advanced Residence—Euro-Asian Contemporary Residence Research, China Hydraulic& Electric Power Press, Nov, 2007

Environmental Artistic Design, China Renmin University Press, May, 2005

Design’s Process and Details, China Hydraulic& Electric Power Press, Nov, 2004

Inheritance & Transcendence, Tsinghua University Press, Oct, 2003

New Vision of Environmental Artistic Design, China Renmin University Press, Chapter 4–7, Jun, 2002

“Stories behind Contemporary Museums”, Decoration, 10th volume, 2007

“ Language of Material”, Asia Interior Design Institute Association(AIDIA)Paper Collection 2006

“Preservation and Re-utilization of Italian Ancient Architecture – Examples of Museum”, Decoration,10th volume, 2007

“Contemporary Architectural Material Language – Dialogue between Technology and Art” the 50thAnniversary of Arts Academy, Tsinghua University Collection of Teachers’ Paper 2006

“New Art, New Technology”, Collection of Papers at Art and Science International Symposium, Sep, 2002

2. Representative Works:

Architectural and interior design of Shenyang Shenshuiwan Club(Sehnyang)2010

Interior Design of Intercontinental Beijing Beichen Hotel (Beijing),2008-2009

Architectural and interior design of the office building of Mengdong Company, China Power Investment Corporation, 2009

Interior design of National Conference Center(Beijing)2006

Interior design of Northeast Grid Power Dispatching Center(Shenyang)2007

Architectural and environmental design of Beijing Shichahai Club(Beijing)2005

Interior design of Inner Mongolia Wulanqiate Grand Theater(Hohhot)2004

Interior design of Xi’an Tang Paradise, Phoenix Theatre(Xi’an)2003

Interior design of Hainan Coastal Gunghua Hotel(Haikou)2000

Interior design of National Audit Office(Beijing)1999

Architectural and environmental design of the office building of China National Chemical Corporation(Beijing)1998


Academic Teaching:

Basics of architectural design, architectural technology, graduation design and graduation paper