Yu Lizhan

Yu Lizhan, Associated Professor

Master’s degree

Academic Memberships:

Member of CIID

Member of China National Interior Decoration Association

Member of Ming Dynasty Furniture Association of China Arts and Crafts Institute


Research Interest:

Behavior Style and Furniture Design


Academic Proposition:

Human beings have their unique behavior patterns and styles, many of which are determined by their characters. At the same time, many social behaviors are developed in the social environment. Therefore, there are various and colorful types of furniture reflecting the behavioral styles of the users.


In our daily life, different behaviors such as standing, sitting, and lying are associated with different furniture, as they determine the purposes and configurations of furniture. Sometime, for the same behavior, the configurations of furniture may differ according to different social class, living habit and customs.


The essential purpose of furniture is to meet people’s demands reflected by their behaviors in the daily life. When designing modern furniture, we tend to focus on the changes of forms furniture without investigating the internal reasons or background that cause such changes. This result in the situation that people design only for the purpose of designing. They design simply for changes in forms, and the designed products cannot meet people’s actual demands. Meanwhile, this results in the fact that our domestic industry emphasizes on quantity instead of “quality”. “Quality” here does not mean the \ quality of furniture production, but the social quality of the furniture, which has been generally neglected together with the humanity contained in it.


Therefore, intensive and comprehensive study of people’s behaviors may help us come up with more functions and configurations of furniture, so that they can reflect people’s social needs and the characteristics of the times. In return, changes of furniture configurations may also change people’s behaviors and even their lifestyles, changing their social lives as well.


Academic Achievements:

1. Publications


Sketch Design for Landscape Constructions published in May, 2004 by China WaterPower Press

2. Papers

Multiple papers have been published in previleged domestic journals, such as

3. Design Practices

In 2010, Sculpture and landscape design for the “Twenty-Four Solar Terms Pillar” at the Yongdingmen East Street

In 2009, interior design for Tianxing Rosevelt Business Center

In 2008, interior design for the VIP reception room of Sinochem Corporation

In 2007, Environmental Landscape Reformation Design Project for Beijing Qianmen Street

In 2007, general landscape planning for the Center of Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment of Datong Coal Mine Group

In 2005, interior design for Lhasa Railway Station Buildings

4. Exhibitions

In 2009, he won the bronze medal in the 11th National Fine Arts Exhibition with “Environmental Landscape Reformation Design Project for Beijing Qianmen Street”, and won the Best Sample Award of the Environmental Art Awards.

In 2006, his works were selected into the Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano at Italy.

In 2006, 2009, and 2010, he supervised students on designing and furnishing to attend the Salone Internationale del Mobile di Milano at Italy.

In 2004, he attended the 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing with the installation work “City Impression”

In 2004, he won bronze medal in the 5th National Interior Design Biennials with Interior Design for the BTV Studio of Beijing TV Center

In 2003, his work “Beijing in Progress” was selected into National Pavilion Exhibition of the 5th Brazil St. Paul International Architectural and Design Biennials

In 2002, he won the silver medal at the 4th National Interior Design Exhibition with “Interior Design for the Supreme People’s Court”



2007-2008, Environmental Landscape Reformation Design Project for Beijing Qianmen Street

In 2010, Sculpture and Landscape Design Project for the “Twenty-Four Solar Terms Pillar” at the YongDingMen East Streat

2002.7-2005.10, Neighborhood Landscape “Neighborhood is Institute” Project for Ningbo Ivy Town

In 2002.5-2003.10, Neighborhood Landscape Design for Beijing Blue Castle International Apartment

In 2005, interior design for Lhasa Railway Station Buildings


Academic Teaching:

Furniture Design, Landscape Design, Municipal Space Furnishing