Yang Dongjiang

Yang Dongjiang


Associate Dean

Doctoral Supervisor


Academic Memberships:

Director, Research Institute of Application & Information of Decorative Materials, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Executive Director, China National Interior Decoration Association

Secretary General, Design Committee, China National Interior Decoration Association

Deputy Director, Furnishing Art Committee of China National Interior Decoration Association

Member of Environmental Art Design Committee of China Industrial Design Association

Member of China Artists Association


Research Interest:

Applications of New Technology and New Material in Environmental Art Design


Academic Proposition:

The emergence of new techniques and materials in the field of environmental art design has greatly enriched the format of the designed products, and affected the translation of ideas and concepts. Meanwhile, people are paying more and more attention on environmental protection and sustainable development, which has changed how we use traditional materials. Therefore, material-motivated design has become a trend of future development. In our teaching practices, the research on application and representative material in interior and environmental landscape design is comparatively weak, and the lack of understanding and mastering of new techniques and materials has also become a bottleneck for the improvement of professional excellence.

Therefore, our study on new techniques and materials will focus on teaching and practicing, striving to follow the latest development of techniques and information on decoration materials, making full use of the professional advantages and resources to establish stable and long-term strategic cooperative relationships with the manufacturing industry and research institutes in local and foreign decoration art industry. At the same time, we hope to actively expand the scope and depth of teaching and researching.


Academic Achievements:

1. Integration with Experimental Teaching 

We sponsored and established “Creative Future–the Creation Camp of Decorative Materials”, integrating various practical courses.The Creation Camp of Decorative Materials aims to encourage students to communicate with and inspire each other so as to stimulate new ideas for design through intensive communication and cooperation with manufacturing industries. Besides the teachers from the Academy, the Creation Camp has invited architects and interior designers with practical experiences to supervise the students, so that they can present and extend the theme based on different characteristics of materials. As a result, the students may establish interactions and connection with the material, which would improve their understanding and cognition of the material, encourage them to actively seek the new possibilities to apply the materials, and help them extend the limit of material application and presentation according to their personal understanding. Till now, 4 Creation Camps of Decorative Materials have been conducted successfully. Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University Fine Arts College, as well as Seoul National University, Kyonggi University, and Sookmyung Women’s University have been actively participating this event, and its influence is widely recognized by the relevant institutions and industries.

We also supervised students to participate in China Alpha (Materials) Design Competition with integrating the Specialized Design Courses. The students Jin Huiying, Zhang Shuai and Yang Xuan won the gold medal and Best Original Work respectively, while Wang Tong, Wu Di, and Liu Dao won Excellence Award.

2. Establishment of the Library for Construction and Application of Decoration Materials

We sponsored the establishment of the Library for Construction and Application of Decoration Materials, aiming to serving the teaching activities. We plan to introduce domestic and international decoration materials and the relevant processes of innovative and practical significances. We would also explore the structural design to help teachers, students and people of the same profession understand and master all kinds of new materials.

3. Cross-Sectional Cooperation with Industries

In recent years, we have conducted cross sectional researches and cooperation with companies such as BNBM Group, PAK Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, Elegant Living Group, DuPont, Miliken & Company, Duravit, Hansgrohe, Kaldewei, Formica, Shanghai WinSun, and Jilink Cork Floors. Among them, the wooden furnishing products cooperatively developed with Elegant Living Group and Jinbang board cooperatively developed with BNBM Group have been put into production.

4. Theoretical Research

I have composed multiple professional books in the field of material study such as Experimental Teaching for Interior Decoration Material Design and Application (published by China Architecture & Building Press in September, 2009).

I act as chief editor for Understanding Materials–Exploration on the Application and Representative Decoration Materials (published by China Architecture & Building Press in August 2007), and Understanding Materials–Teaching on Environmental Arts Design and Its Social Practice (published by China Architecture & Building Press in April 2008), etc.

I developed a column “Understanding Materials” in Urban Environmental Design as the editor. I’ve also published more than 10 papers in this field.

In addition, in the past few years, I have written and published books as follows:

1) Presentation Skills for Modern Interior and Exterior Design

2) Textbook Series on Environmental Art Design for Institutions of Higher Education – Presentation Skills

3) Chinese Interior Designers Annals

4) Coloration of Environmental Arts

5) Presentation Skills for Modern Environmental Art Design

6) Selection of Excellent Examine Papers in National Qualification Test for Interior Designers

7) Textbook Series on Environmental Art Design for Institutions of Higher Education – Presentation Skills (Second Edition)

8) Modern History for Chinese Interior Design

9) Overseas Architects and Chinese Modern Architectures

10) Design for China – Interview with Masters of Architecture

11) Training Material for Interior Designers (as the coauthor)

I cooperated with CCTV as the Chief Planner and Chief Director, and produced the maxi-series of “Design for China--Overseas Architects and Chinese Modern Architectures” (18 episodes in total), which were on air at CCTV from July to August, 2008. The series aroused extensive interest in modern architectural design and were widely recognized.

5. Design Practices

In recent years, I directed and completed the following design projects: Interior Design for the Office Building of China International Culture Exchange Center, Interior Design for Beijing Yuanlin Hotel, Interior and Exterior Design for Hebei Great Wall Hotel, Interior and Exterior Design for Hexin Shopping Mall in Taiyuan, Exhibition Design for Nissan at 09/10 Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition, Environmental Landscape Design for Shengshan Heritage Park, Environmental and Public Facilities Design for 5DN1/5DN2, 5FS, 4FN/4FS sections of the Central Area of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Design for the Exhibition of Bei Chuanqiang Embroidery at Shanghai International Expo, General Interior Decoration Design for Phase II construction of line 10 of Beijing Subway, etc.

6. Awards

In the past few years, Yang’s designs have respectively won the Gold Medal in the 9th National Art Exhibition (collaborated), Gold Medal in the first National Interior Design Exhibition, Silver Medal in the 3rd National Interior Design Exhibition, Golden and Silver Medals in the 5th National Interior Design Biennials, Silver Medal and Awards for Excellence in the China Artists Association & First National Environmental Arts Design Exhibition (in which the works were also selected for the 10th National Art Exhibition), the 2nd National Environmental Art Design Excellent Thesis Award, Bronze Medal at the 7th National Interior Design Exhibition, National Interior Design Achievements Award, Outstanding Young Interior Architect Award in 2008, National Most Distinguished Senior Interior Architect in 2010, and was selected into the “New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Program” by the Ministry of Education in 2009.


Academic Teaching:

Introduction to Interior Design Style, Public Facilities Design, Computer Aided Design, Professional Practice, Graduation Thesis and Graduation Project.