Zheng Shuyang

Zheng Shuyang


Bachelor, Master and PhD supervisor


Academic Positions:

Member of National Academic Degrees Committee;

Member of Higher Education Steering Committee in Ministry of Education; Interior architect of China Architecture and Decoration Committee; Vice-president of China Interior Decoration Committee;

Vice-director of China Architecture Committee.


Research Interest:

Sustainable design for human settlement


Academic Propositions:

Sustainable development is one of the most challenging problems we've met in the 21st century, and sustainable design is necessary to promote human civilization in this background as it has a direct influence on decision-making.

Sustainable design has two options. The first is to change our value and rebuild our culture, and the second is to improve our environment by developing technology. The former is a radical solution which needs a long time, but the second could provide temporary solutions to the problems in the short term. Both of them should be used in China.

We have a profound traditional foundation in China to put sustainable design into effect. But the truth is that both development and the environment are important to China, so we should reach a proper balance between these two in sustainable design.

Sustainable design for human settlement has been the goal of environmental design since 2000. My doctoral research project was based on macro-culture and environmental art design, and the postgraduate program was based on micro-culture and environmental design for the living condition.


Academic Achievements:

Zheng has been devoting himself to the research and education of environmental art design, having completed 101 design programs, 30 books and 73 theses, and been awarded 5 national prizes.

1. Environmental Art Design--Sustainable Report of China in the 21st Century, (Project of National Social Science Foundation, confirmation number: 03DF092) ISBN:978-7-112-08975-8

2. System of Environmental Art and Direction of Urban Views in China, (Ph.D. programs funded by Ministry of Education of China, confirmation number: 03JB760002), Sep 2009.ISBN:978-7-112-11102-2

3. Teaching material: Environmental Art Design, China Architecture Press, July 2007. IBSN:978-7-112-08919-2

4. Ten publications:

(1)Green Design, Symposium of China Interior Design, 2001, Nov 2001.

(2)Green Design--the One and Only Option of Future Interior Design, Architectural Creation, 2002

(3)People Oriented Design, the first session of China Environmental Art Exhibition, China Architectural Press, May 2004

(4)Ecological Civilization and Art Design, Decoration, 2005

(5) Green Interior Art Design, Hubei Art Press, Oct, 2006

(6)From Product to Value, China Environmental Art Design, China Architectural Press, May, 2007

(7)Residence, Decoration, 2008

(8)Let Time be the Line, China Architectural Press, 2008

(9)Urban Views, Decoration, 2009

(10)Programs of Green Design, Decoration, May, 2010

5.Supervised doctoral theses:

(1)Research on the Sustainable Design of Urban Fringe

(2)Research on Interior Art Design in the Process of Urbanization

(3)Research on the Water View in the Urban Environment

(4)Research on Congregate Housing in Beijing

6. Supervised postgraduate thesis:

(1)Significance of Environmental Design of Living Space

(2)Research on Kitchen Design Based on Environmental Design

(3)Research on the Relations Between Home Storage and Waste

(4)Research on the Adaptability of House Furnishings

(5)Research on the Relation Between House Furnishings and Living Space

(6)Design on Congregate and Finished House

(7)Research on the Small Space of Congregate Housing

7. Current research:

(1) Sustainable Art Design Based on the Globalization Trend, Oct 2009 to Dec 2011.

(2)Supervisor of doctoral theses

(3) Supervisor of postgraduates theses

8. Awards

Interior design for the State Council, gold medal in the ninth session of China Art Exhibition, Nov 1999

Course Books for Environmental Art Design, first prize in Beijing, Sep 2001

Course Books for Environmental Art Design, second prize in National Teaching Achievement, Dec 2001

Interior Environment and Green Design, Excellence Award in the first session of National Architecture, Sep 2003

Excellent Teacher Award in Beijing, 2004

Outstanding Award of Interior Art Design by China Interior Design Committee in Nov 2008

Course Books for Interior Art Design, second prize in Beijing

Famous Teacher Award by Beijing Education Committee

Excellent Translator Award by China Architecture Press.


Academic Teaching:

Undergraduate course: Interior Design

Postgraduate course: Graphic Thinking in Design Art