Zheng Hong

Zheng Hong, Associate Professor

Bachelor and MA Student Supervisor

Academic memberships:

Deputy Chairman of the Environmental Art Committee of China Construction Culture and Art Association

Director of Urban Planning Society of Beijing

Member of Urban Design and Ancient Landscape Protection Planning Academic Committee of Urban Planning Society of Beijing

Project Leader and Leading Expert for

Member of China Artists Association

Senior Environmental Artist


Research Interest:
Urban Artistic Design


Academic Proposition:

My research is to study the “assimilation” of urban characters in the background of globalization and to resolve related issue. “Assimilation” of urban characters is one of the common issues that have drawn wide attention in the development of cities. Urban characters are important national cultural resources, and integral parts of the national cultural development strategy. They are critical for national cultural competitiveness. “Assimilation” of urban characters no doubt leads to the decline of urban cultural resources and competitiveness. As China is in the progress of rapid urbanization, the “assimilation” of urban characters is serious in China. One of the major reasons is that people have long been focusing on urban materials and technical and engineering planning, while neglecting the urban art and designing. As a result, there has long been a vacancy in urban artistic design, and the “assimilation” of urban characters is hard to resolve. Therefore, establishing a complete theoretical system for urban artistic design is an effective measure to resolve the issue in the globalized world. This means that we need to give full play to the advantages and features of artistic design, to expand and innovate artistic design, to bring something new out of the interdisciplinary subject of urban planning and artistic design. Establishing the system would elevate the development of urban planning to a higher level.

Urban artistic design means using the methods and rules of artistic design to resolve the “assimilation” issue of urban characters, and promote and optimize the urban image and artistic quality of cities.

The subject “Urban Artistic Design” includes Theoretical Urban Artistic Design and Application of Urban Artistic Design. The primary courses include History of Urban Artistic Design, Aesthetics, and Artistic Type and Methodology, which consists of overall urban artistic planning, artistic design of squares and streets, artistic design of urban public facilities, planning and artistic design of urban color, artistic design of urban advertisements, artistic design of urban lighting, urban-oriented artistic design, urban public artwork production and historical and cultural city protection, etc.

Urban artistic design is the key for landscape art design in the broad sense, and cannot be substituted by landscape architecture in the narrow sense.


Academic Achievements:

1、In 2004, completed a specialized research project

2、In 2004 completed a subproject under “Image of Beijing in 2008” jointly organized by Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympics as the project leader.

3、In 2008, completed

4、11 representative theses in the field of water landscape design published in the 1st issue of 2000 of

5、Publications relevant to the research field

6、Attended exhibitions and won prizes with works related to the research field. since 1999:

In 2003, the work

7、Completed the “Design for Yunxi Square for Jun Count, the National Historical and Cultural City” project.


Academic Teaching:
Landscape Design, Introduction to Environmental Art Design