Zhang Yue

Zhang Yue, Associated Professor

Master of Arts, MA Student Supervisor

Director of Department of Environmental Art Design


Academic memberships:

Deputy Director of Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association

Deputy Director of Furnishing Art Committee of China National Interior Decoration Association

Member of Arts Committee of Steering Committee for Computer Basic Education for Liberal Arts Students of Higher Education of Ministry of Education

Special member of environmental art design in Committee of Beijing Self-Taught Higher Education Examination


Research Interest:

Human Factors in Environmental Art Design


Academic Proposition:

Academic research on “human factors” started in the 1930s. “Techniques shall serve the people, and their development shall aim at meeting people’s demands”. It is based on this key concept that this subject emerged and developed. The Europe and America developed their science and research quite early thanks to the industrialization, while China had a rather late development due to some reasons of social changes. Meanwhile, due to the social perception reasons, people tend to ascribe the issues induced by this reason to personal quality and management. Because we had neglected the research in this field, our study in this area has been limited to adopting the basic theory for theoretic teaching, while leaving the fundamental research at the initial stage, especially for Art Design. Also, the lack of systematic application mechanisms has a distinct social impact such as accidents caused by various reasons, unbalanced development of science and technology and engineering and product design and production. The many of the root causes are lacking the research on human factor in the application of technology.

The subject “human factor and environmental art design” is a relatively new interdisciplinary subject. In the present background that the global environmental issues are becoming more and more highlighted, the scientificity and progressive degree of the development of environmental art will determine the quality of living environment of this country.

“Science and technology are people-oriented” is not a pure commercial advertisement in developed countries. A series of relative sciences- Ergonomics, Engineering Psychology are its theoretical foundation. It has become a key subject which leads the technology development trend and improve the application effect of technology, and a key part of all application science. Purpose of this research is to study the theory of human factors in environmental design and its conprehensive application system, so as to build the foundation for establishing and fulfilling our own application system.


Academic Achievements:

I have compiled the first domestic

In 2003, produced the national network demonstration project

Won the 1st prize for Beijing municipal Teachers’ Achievement Awards, and my teaching material was selected into the Interior Design Series Courses, which won the 1st prize of the Tsinghua University Excellent Teaching Materials Awards.


Academic Teaching:

Interior Ergonomics, Interior Design, Environmental Arts Appreciation, Interior Design Basic