Chen Lei

Chen Lei


Graduate Supervisor

Head of Visual Communication Design Department


Research Direction:

Visual Communication & Cross-media Research


Academic Proposition:

The development of visual communication design can no longer be covered by traditional graphic design concepts. The form of multimedia representation of visual communication design has become the mainstream. Only when students have cross-media awareness and means, can they adapt to the need of social development for talented persons. The present educational concepts and awareness and teaching contents and methods for visual communication design of China (including our academy) have been badly lagging behind, are unable to adapt to the need of social development for talented persons, and increasingly fall behind top colleges and universities abroad.

In the research and the teaching, he has been striving to enable students to possess the awareness of cross-media visual communication design, grasp certain means of multi-media representation and have international and diversified visions required for social development. The cross-media research is based on the knowledge structure of the visual communication design discipline, which is a characteristic in teaching. The research closely integrates itself with courses related to the visual communication design discipline and is a continuation of other courses in the discipline.


Academic Achievements:

In December, 2004, he won the education contribution award by the Organizing Committee of the Digital Media Art Competition;

In December, 2005, he won the award for excellent supervising teachers by the Organizing Committee of "China Academy Award";

In December, 2006, he was invited to Hongik University, Seoul to attend the 2006 annual conference of the Asian Media Arts & Design Association and gave a keynote academic speech entitled - "Crossing Boundaries" - The Impact of Digital Media Development on China’s Graphic Design Education at the opening ceremony on behalf of the Chinese delegation. The article was published in the proceedings of the annual conference.

In December, 2008, he went to Dusseldorf, Germany to serve as a judge of the “Design Process - German-Chinese Graphic Design Competition” at the invitation of the Deutsch-Chinesischer Kulturaustausch für Kunst und Design eV in Germany.

He has published several papers in core journals;

Monographs published: Into the World of Packaging Design, Principles of Carton Packaging Design, textbook Packaging Design, etc.  


Course Overview:

Undergraduate Courses - Design of Packing Structure, Packaging Design, Video and Audio, Graduation Creation and Thesis Counseling;

Postgraduate courses - Visual Communication & Cross-media Design.